Entering the magical World's End Winter Wonderland

Feeling Festive at World’s End Winter Wonderland

We’ve been to a few Winter Wonderland experiences over the years but this year we tried out one in a garden centre. And it was brilliant! If you’re anywhere near Aylesbury, in South Bucks, I highly recommend World’s End’s Winter Wonderland. Ryan was really reluctant to drive for nearly an hour to go to a garden centre but luckily I was proved right (phew!)

The world’s End Winter Wonderland experience

It begins with a a walk through a little snowy village. It is inside but it’s kind of chilly so you’ll need to keep your coats on!

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Kid's birthday party with Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl Kid’s Birthday Party Review

I have a love/hate relationship with kid’s birthday parties. I dread organising them, as I go into Pinterest overdrive and want everything to be perfect. The kids never notice, and I just end up getting stressed.

Ava’s birthday is mid-December, which is a rubbish time to have a birthday, as it’s always slightly overshadowed by Christmas. So when the lovely people at Hollywood Bowl got in touch to see if we’d like to review their Ultimate Kid’s Birthday Party*, I couldn’t have been happier. And, it turns out, neither could Ava.Queen Ava at her Hollywood Bowl kids birthday partyNormally, I’d be stressing for weeks, over hiring a venue, party bags, kid’s entertainer, food, invitations, etc. etc. etc. But all I had to do was choose a time and number of kids, pick up the invites from the bowling alley, fill in the details and hand them out. It could not be easier! Continue reading

My Favourite 5 for November: Margaritas, Origami & Christmas Fun

November has whizzed by in a whirl of birthday celebrations and Christmas prep. I can’t believe Christmas is less than a month away! We are really looking forward to getting our tree up (well the girls and I are. Ryan, not so much.)

A date Night for my birthday

Ryan and I went to the cinema to see  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which we really enjoyed. We went to the posh Gallery section, which has a bar and extra comfy seats. You also get nachos, popcorn and soft drinks included in the ticket price. I don’t want to go back to the normal cinema experience after that though!Margarita cocktail in black and white

A 40th Birthday Costume Party

My friend’s husband had an excellent 40th birthday party, in a  marquee in their garden. As he was born in the 1970s, that was the costume theme and we had great fun coming up with our costumes. Ryan constructed a huge cardboard space shuttle.  We then had to deconstruct it to get into the car…

I went for a Clockwork Orange inspired costume, which is a nice easy one, if you are looking for a Halloween costume next year! I found a tutorial for the make-up, but essentially it’s just loads of eyeliner and false eyelashes. They feel quite weird but you get used to it!

My finished #droog look. I even make my own glass of ‘milk’ by spray painting a glass. #aclockworkorange #clockworkorange

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My Favourite 5 for October: The Circus, London & Afternoon Tea

We have had a busy and fun-filled half term, and now the countdown to Christmas begins!

A Reward For Ava and thea

I spray painted some glasses and filled one of them with stones a while back, and when the girls help me, or get good feedback from school/preschool, or do anything else that warrants a little reward, I move stones from one to the other. When they fill the second jar up, they get a treat.

Pink glasses with a flamingo

All the stones are in the second jar, so the girls have earned a treat!

I prefer this to a reward chart, as they work together to fill the jar. You can find out how to make these pretty jars here.

The jar is full, so I took the girls to the Circus at Frost’s Garden Centre as their reward. I hadn’t registered that it was a Halloween Circus so I was a bit worried that Ava would freak out (she’s not a fan of Halloween). But luckily she was fine. There was a Mummy, but I heard her reassuring Thea that it was only a man in a costume. It was a fun show, with acrobats, a lady balancing words, some hula hoopers, and this man balancing on cylinders. The Circus at Frosts Garden CentreThere was also a clown. I am scared of clowns (the Killer Clown phenomenon hasn’t helped) and my friend made me have my photo taken with him afterwards. Note the hysteria. Me and Thea with a clown

There was also an act called Mr Slinky. Which was a man in a life sized slinky suit, I really got the giggles.

A trip to London

We took the girls down to London for the day, and the loved the train and tube. Thea and Ryan on the Tube Continue reading