The Handmade Fair 2016

REVIEW: The Handmade Fair, A Craft Addict’s Dream

I am still recovering from an amazing day at The Handmade Fair at the weekend. I’d been looking forward to it for ages, and took my sister along with me*, along with two friends. If you’ve read my review of last year’s event, you’ll know I absolutely loved it. And this year was just as good, although the weather wasn’t as sunny. I think this gorgeous pink craft bus made up for that though; it belongs to Miss Libby Rose, who was running mini sewing workshops. Miss Libby Rose Bus At The Handmade Fair

There was a huge variety of workshops on offer  – whatever you’re in to, you’ll find something to interest you.

It’s a great, low-risk way to try something new, without having to invest in all the kit. I tried needle felting at the Christmas version last year and didn’t really like the feel of it. I’m really glad I found that out without having bought all the materials!

The instructors are all experts and they demonstrate the make, and walk you through the steps to make sure you don’t get left behind. It really is suitable even if you’re a craft novice. You come away with something that you have made, which is  such a great feeling.

This year, I decided to go for a painting theme with my sessions. I’ve always loved painting but haven’t done any for years (apart from walls, of course!) so I was super excited to get the brushes out and get stuck in.

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My Favourite 5 for August: Whipsnade Zoo, Shoes & Warwick Castle

The summer holidays are drawing to a close, and part of me is sad as we have had the best six weeks of fun. But I am sort of looking forward to getting back to ‘normality’ and back to work. Thea is starting preschool next month, so that will be a big change for her, and she’s raring to go. It’s going to be strange for me though – she’ll be going every morning, so I’ll have more time. I may even start going to an exercise class!

So what have we been up to in August? It mainly involves summer fun and our brilliant holiday to Cornwall, which I will write about another time, once I’ve waded through the thousands of photos.

Whipsnade Zoo

We had a really fun family outing to Whipsnade Zoo. We’ve been there a few times and it’s always a great day out. Thea’s favourite was the butterfly house. Personally I find it kind of freaky – I’m not keen on things flapping in my face. But Thea and Ava loved it, especially when one landed on her head.Thea with a butterfly on her head  Continue reading

Will You Be Joining Me at The Handmade Fair?

My name is Becky and I am a craft addict. I can’t help myself. I am definitely a ‘dabbler’ so going to events like Kirstie Allsopp’s The Handmade Fair are right up my street. Last year I had an absolute ball and you can read all about it on my blog post.

This year, The Handmade Fair takes place over the weekend of the 16th to the 18th of September, on The Green at Hampton Court Palace in London. I’m going along and hope to see you there!
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Wild Woodland Summer Ball

A Magical Afternoon at the Wild Woodland Summer Ball

We recently got back from a wonderful holiday in Cornwall, and were tipped off to an amazing local event that really made our holiday: The Wild Woodland Summer Ball in Tehidy Woods near St Ives. It was an absolutely magical event by Rogue Theatre.

Our local friends said we’d love it so we booked it, but we weren’t sure what to expect. We parked up in a field and went to queue up at the edge of some woods. We went on a magical trail through the forest, lit by a string of lightbulbs, and decorated by all sorts of ribbons, mirrors, pictures, teacups and dreamcatchers, to name a few.Tea and cakes at The Wild Woodland Summer Ball

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REVIEW: Salcey Forest Fire and Air Nature Club for Kids

It can be hard keeping the kids entertained over the loooong school holidays, can’t it? We often go to Salcey Forest, as it’s not far from us and gives us all a good walk and some fresh air. When Joanna from Fire and Air asked us to to review one of their Magical Lessons For Muggles sessions* in the forest, I was keen to give it a go.

I’m not the most outdoorsy person, I have to admit. But the girls take after their dad and love being out in the fresh air, so off we went to the forest and parked up. Although Salcey Forest is free to visit, you do have to pay to park, so don’t forget!

Fire and Air Educaton at Salcey ForestYou may have guessed from the title that the session has a slightly magical theme, and our guide Joanna was dressed as a very kind witch. She started off by showing us all some pictures, and samples of animal-related things, and got the kids to guess what they were. Joanna Shelton of Fire and Air

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