Ava and Thea decorating cakes

Ava and Thea’s February: Hairstyling, Half Term and A Joke

February has been a busy month for us, not least because we have started on our kitchen renovation! We’ve also had half term, which was fun but hard work (for me!) The girls have had fun spotting snowdrops and we are all getting excited about the evenings being slightly less dark.


We have put some black protective flooring over our lounge floor whilst the kitchen is put in, and the girls loved rolling around on it. I discovered it makes a great backdrop for photos too!Ava pulling a funny face

Doesn’t Ava’s hair look great spread out like that? And speaking of hair… I found a few chunks of Thea’s on our table…
Thea's hair cut

There was some more on the floor too! When I asked her about it, she said ‘It’s just that I have too much hair!”

Ava also made a little hair salon, and did her first plait! I took a little video, she’s so funny with her hairdresser patter.

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Ava practicing ballet

Ava and Thea’s January: Ballet, Tea and Sylvanian Families

January is such a tiresome month, isn’t it? I’m always glad to see the back of it, so I can start looking forward to spring! We’ve had a busy month, as usual, but we’ve been concentrating on family time whilst the weather is so miserable.


When I was about four, I started ballet. I remember it so clearly: good toes and naughty toes! Thea is always dancing about so I thought she would enjoy ballet too. Well, I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction! She and her cousin Bonnie went to their trial session and the pair of them grinning from ear to ear though the whole class. So I am now officially a ballet mum, having spent ages sewing the elastic into her little shoes!Mini ballet shoes

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Why we must talk to our chlldren about sexism

Why We Need To Talk To Our Children About Sexism

This week, at age six, Ava has had her first experience of sexism

She’s been going to football club after school for a couple of weeks, and hasn’t really been enjoying it. Yesterday, when I picked her up, she was crying. It was mainly that she was cold and the boys weren’t passing the ball to her. But it also turned out that one of the boys has been telling the rest of the boys that “football isn’t for girls.” And that’s why we need to talk to our children about sexism."Football isn't for girls": Why we need to talk to our children about sexismI told her that in the olden days (she loves that term) only boys were allowed to go to school, as lots of people thought girls weren’t clever enough. She was visibly shocked: “But that isn’t true!” Quite.  Continue reading

My Favourite 5 for December: Christmas Family Fun

We have had the most marvellous December, with Ava’s birthday and party, (I can’t believe I am now the proud owner of a six year old!) Christmas, and New Year. What a busy month!


We’ve had such fun with Christmassy activities at school and home, and I have absolutely loved having the girls off school and preschool for over two weeks. They are thick as thieves, and were plotting mischief in this picture. Ava and Thea

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Christmas Eve fireplace

Looking Back On Our Christmas Season

We have had so much fun the past few weeks getting ready for Christmas. Last year I found Christmas really stressful, but this year I have been much more organised.  I bought the presents early, and even did most of the wrapping too.

Meeting Father Christmas

We kicked off our Christmas build up by meeting Father Christmas at the Center Parcs’ Winter Wonderland last month. Although it was a little rushed, they did enjoy it a lot. Ava knew he wasn’t the real one but Thea was totally convinced.

The girls met #Santa at @center_parcs_uk #fatherchristmas #santaclaus #christmas

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