Piccalilly organic kids clothes including dresses, skirts and an appliqué t-shirt

Why Piccalilly Organic Kids Clothes Make Great Gifts

Organic kids clothes. Hard to resist, right? There is some thing just so scrummy about little, soft, colourful kids clothes, for your own little ones, or as a gift. I’m delighted that Ava and Thea are Brand Ambassadors for gorgeous organic kids clothes company Piccalilly. They have sent us a gorgeous bundle of kids clothes to review*, and I hope you’ll like them as much as we do.

Sisters in Piccalilly organic kids clothing

Thea wears the Forest Tunic Dress and Ava wears the Town House Dress.

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Wise Words personalised kid's book on a white shelf

A Personalised Children’s Book from The Book Of Everyone

I come from a long line of bookworms, and our shelves are groaning. I firmly believe you can never have too many books, and Ava and Thea are of the same opinion. When the people behind The Book of Everyone asked me to review* their new personalised children’s book, I was pretty excited.

This gorgeous personalised children’s book is called ‘Wise Words for NAME from NAME‘. I wrote it to both Ava and Thea, but of course you can write it to just one child. Isn’t the cover beautiful?

Wise Words Personalised children's book from Book of EveryoneThis keepsake book contains words of wisdom for your kids to refer to in the future, which you can customise to your heart’s content. Your kids can read each page in order, or dip in and out, using the index. There are pages on how to survive school, what to do if you’re a bit stuck, and lots of other good advice. The artwork is stunning – really simple and colourful, so I think it would appeal to all ages, and boys and girls. Continue reading

My Favourite 5 for October: The Circus, London & Afternoon Tea

We have had a busy and fun-filled half term, and now the countdown to Christmas begins!

A Reward For Ava and thea

I spray painted some glasses and filled one of them with stones a while back, and when the girls help me, or get good feedback from school/preschool, or do anything else that warrants a little reward, I move stones from one to the other. When they fill the second jar up, they get a treat.

Pink glasses with a flamingo

All the stones are in the second jar, so the girls have earned a treat!

I prefer this to a reward chart, as they work together to fill the jar. You can find out how to make these pretty jars here.

The jar is full, so I took the girls to the Circus at Frost’s Garden Centre as their reward. I hadn’t registered that it was a Halloween Circus so I was a bit worried that Ava would freak out (she’s not a fan of Halloween). But luckily she was fine. There was a Mummy, but I heard her reassuring Thea that it was only a man in a costume. It was a fun show, with acrobats, a lady balancing words, some hula hoopers, and this man balancing on cylinders. The Circus at Frosts Garden CentreThere was also a clown. I am scared of clowns (the Killer Clown phenomenon hasn’t helped) and my friend made me have my photo taken with him afterwards. Note the hysteria. Me and Thea with a clown

There was also an act called Mr Slinky. Which was a man in a life sized slinky suit, I really got the giggles.

A trip to London

We took the girls down to London for the day, and the loved the train and tube. Thea and Ryan on the Tube Continue reading

An Alternative Halloween, with World Vision’s Carve A Heart Campaign

I have written before about how I don’t like Halloween, but it’s kind of inescapable. Ava is really scared of skeletons, and going shopping has been a bit tricky as she finds the decorations in the shops too scary to look at.

So we won’t be going Trick or Treating. She has helped carve a pumpkin though. We are taking part in World Vision’s Carve A Heart campaign, where we carve a heart instead of a scary face. Pumpkins carved with a heart

They look pretty don’t they?
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Jamie's Italian Restaurant Milton Keynes

REVIEW: Jamie’s Italian Restaurant Milton Keynes

We always try and eat dinner together, at the table. It’s something my parents always did, and still do. I think it’s so important, both for our family relationship, and for instilling good table manners. But I am totally running out of steam when it comes to ideas about what to cook. So when the lovely people from Jamie’s Italian Restaurant in Milton Keynes invited me to review their new Super Lunch Deal* I was very excited. A meal, cooked for us, with no washing up? Yes please!Yummy mocktails at Jamie's Italian Restaurant in Milton Keynes  Continue reading