Five things I love right now: November

My birthday is in November, (or Yesvember, as Thea calls it!) so I’ve had no trouble finding a bunch of lovely things to share with you!

1. Golden Girls cross stitch picture. I love The Golden Girls sitcom. It’s such a gentle comedy, yet still really funny. I used to watch reruns of it with my roommate when I lived in America. It was pretty much the only thing we had in common! My sister Debbie made this brilliant picture for me. I love it so much.2. Deluxe Label Maker and pastel tapes from BeryluneSo great I was given it twice! Ryan and Debbie both bought it for me. Now I do love it, but really I can only use one. Luckily the lovely ladies at Berylune took one back so I’m currently deciding what to get instead – I pretty much want everything on their amazing site, go and check it out if you haven’t seen it before! The label maker is living in one of the lovely copper baskets my brother and sister in law gave me – perfect for our copper themed office! I have got lots of plans for this baby.

3. Ava’s birthday card. The front is me wearing heart-shaped sunglasses, and I have chickenpox. IMG_69454. Stork Embroidery Scissors. So pretty and actually sharp, yay! Just need to stop Ava and Thea nicking them now!5. Christmas picture from It’s printed on an old dictionary page. I love it. They do non-Christmassy sayings too, so I might have to invest in one for the rest of the year!

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34 thoughts on “Five things I love right now: November

  1. mudpiefridays says:

    I use to do cross stitch all the time and then I found blogging… Now I m under pressure to make some pictures for the new nursery! Love the stork scissors they are really pretty. Popping over from #LovelyThings x

  2. nikkifrankhamilton says:

    What a great group of 5! Happy Birthday, I love the drawing of you by your daughter, it’s going to be a treasured memory! And the scissors, love them, and of course the framed Christmas Print, love how unique it is, and special.

  3. Wave to Mummy says:

    I’m loving these too! So adorable! Especially that fab picture of you, ha ha. And the Golden Girls stitch picture, it looks great.

    Btw my birthday was in November too 🙂 Congratulations to you, I hope you had a good one 🙂 Thanks for linking to #mymonthlyroundup

  4. mumisthewordblog says:

    I want everything in this post. That label maker is absolutely brilliant, those scissors – the detailing is just lovely! How adorable is your little card? You really can’t beat a good quote picture, I love how simple your Christmas one is. It looks fab! #lovelythings

  5. reimerandruby says:

    What a great list of lovely things… Ava’s card is the best, looks funny and yet it’s so cute and adorable. The scissor looks strange but its gorgeous. #OurFaveFive

  6. Becky, Cuddle Fairy says:

    lol Ava’s card is so funny & adorable! Heart shaped glasses & chicken pox – kids have such amazing imaginations. Great job on the Christmas artwork! #lovelythings x

  7. mummuddlingthrough says:

    Beautiful Bits there Becky! I love the cross stitch – never seen golden girls but you could apply that to anything couldn’t you?!…Game of thrones? Breaking bad?! They’d make pretty cool cross stitch pictures 😉 #lovelythings

  8. Mum in Brum says:

    That birthday card is hilarious – definitely one to keep for the future! I haven’t seen the Golden Girls…Why is this?? Clearly need to check that out! #Brilliantblogposts x

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