Gizmo The Pug: A Heartwarming Christmas Video

This is a collaborative post.

For some reason, I find dogs in costumes, doing human things one of the funniest things ever. Ask my husband and he will tell you of the times I have cried with laughter at dancing dogs, walking dogs, and dogs on skateboards. “You’ve Been Framed” is a favourite in our house for that reason, so I guess it can’t just be me that finds them hilarious!

As a lover of all things Christmas, I look forward to the festive adverts, and 2016 is no exception. This year, I am extra happy, as some ads that feature dogs doing cute or funny things. Now I do like the boxer on the trampoline. But step aside Buster, there’s a new (cuter) dog in town. Let me introduce you to Gizmo, the Vision Direct pug. Find out how he saves Christmas…

Gotta love a pug in a polo neck, right? I love this cutie, with his geek chic glasses and mournful eyes. I also really want his specs – I could do with a new pair! It’s such a cute video, isn’t it? 

I can identify with Gizmo the Pug, as our house always looks rather dark and unfestive on the outside. (We make up for it on the inside though!) It contains a  nice message for children too. I played this video to Ava and Thea and they love it, it seems they have inherited my love of a performing animal!Cuddles the Cat, Gizmo the pug's neighbour

So are you in the Christmas mood now? Well if not, you could pop over to Vision Direct’s Gizmo The Pug site, where there will be an Advent Calendar and games to get you in the festive spirit.

So what is your favourite Christmas ad? Do you prefer the funny and cute ones, or the ones that make you cry? Last year my favourite was Mog’s Christmas. I think Gizmo has the same cute-factor.

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