Colour Together Nature by Annie Davidson

Colour Together Nature Adult and Children’s Colouring Book Review

If there was such a thing, I’d have an A-Level in Colouring In. I did Art and Geography A-Levels alongside English, and would spend a lot of time clutching a handful of colouring pencils. Ava and Thea are following in my footsteps. When the guys at Andersen Press sent me a copy of their latest colouring book Colour Together: Nature to review* I knew we’d love to colour it in together.Colour Together Nature by Annie Davidson

The illustrator Annie Davidson has done a brilliant job – the illustrations are beautiful and there is a more detailed version on the right, with a simpler one on the left. Perfect for adults and kids to colour together. Ready to colour in the fox page of Colour Together Nature

We went away for the weekend, so I took the Colour Together book with us as a little surprise. Thea wasn’t very well, so only Ava could colour in, but she was please about that saying “I don’t think Thea is old enough to do it properly.”

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Ava and I spent about an hour quietly colouring together, and we both really enjoyed it.Deep in concentration colouring in our Colour Together book

the Benefits of colouring

Colouring has a host of benefits for both adults and children, including relaxation and and help with mental health issues. Apparently it also uses the area of the brain that improves concentration, and helps with problem solving and organisation. Of course it helps with fine motor skills, which is crucial for young children. It’s also a great way to practice mindfulness, which can help us push out negative thoughts, replacing them with positive ones. All in all, it’s a win/win situation, as it’s great fun too!

how our COLOUR TOGETHER colouring turned out

Colour Together Nature is £9.99 and you can buy it from Amazon**. They also have a lovely Christmas version too. They would make a great Christmas or birthday gift, and I think it’s a lovely thing to do with your child as you can have a chat whilst you colour. I think it would be a great present for an older child when they get a new baby brother or sister, as it would keep them busy and their mum or dad could colour with them quietly when the baby is alseep or feeding.

Would you like colouring in with your child, or are you too much of a control freak? I did get a bit twitchy when she coloured in ‘my’ side, I must admit!

*I was gifted this book for the purposes of this review, and all opinions are my own, as always.
**If you choose to by one of these books through this link, I may get a little referral fee, without it costing you any extra.

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4 thoughts on “Colour Together Nature Adult and Children’s Colouring Book Review

  1. This Mum's Life says:

    I love the idea of being able to do this with your child! It’s taken longer than I thought, but my eldest has just started to be really interested in colouring in. He loves to do things with me, so I’m sure he’d like this! But like you, I would get slightly anxious at my side being invaded…!!

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