Ava and Thea’s latest antics: IKEA and a VERY muddy adventure

We’ve had a fun week over half term. The girls have enjoyed not having a routine, and I have enjoyed not getting up and running round like a mad woman trying to get everyone ready and out of the house in time!

We had a (very) low key Valentine’s Day where I made heart-shaped waffles, but that was about it!Heart-shaped waffle

We haven’t done all that much really, which was really nice. We had a fun trip to IKEA where the girls enjoyed writing shopping lists and eating cinnamon rolls a nice lady gave them.

We also had a very, very muddy adventure on a local farm, on a very rainy and cold day. To be honest, I can think of nicer ways to spend an afternoon than squelching about in the mud, and walking in streams. The girls started off enjoying it,  but started feeling the cold and wet and got a bit miserable after an hour or so. Ava even said to me “Mummy please can we never come here again?” and I did sympathise! They loved walking in a stream under a tunnel though, where we then had a duck race. Ava got to go over a rope bridge, which she loved, but Thea was a bit small for that. Then they got to scramble over a net, which again Ava enjoyed but Thea was too little to enjoy it. Luckily my friend had taken biscuits, so that helped with the winging! We finished off on a rope swing which the girls both LOVED, though I was pretty scared as it was really high, and Thea is not that reliable at holding on. That swing it for the girls, and despite a bit of moaning in the middle, they are now talking about when we go back again. But I am going to wait until it’s a lot warmer!

Another day we had a lovely walk at Stowe Landscape Gardens, a lovely National Trust property. We go there quite often, and the girls love collecting sticks and looking for animal tracks.Looking through an arch at a lake at Stowe Landsacpe Gardens

It’s such a beautiful place to visit, whatever the season. I didn’t take many photos, but the snowdrops were out and it looked gorgeous. The girls enjoyed some flapjack and babyccinos in the cafe afterwards, yum!Thea and Ava in a coffee shop

We also did quite a lot of making, with the girls using up pretty much every item from the new craft box I got them in one sitting!

Ava and Thea doing arts and crafts

Did you have a nice half term? I hope you had some fun and managed to relax a bit too! I had a cheeky day off on Saturday and went to London for the day to meet an old friend who was visiting from America. I had brunch with her, and then when she had to go off to catch her flight home, I met another friend and had an afternoon brunch, lucky me! It was so great to have a break and spend some time with friends without being interrupted with questions and demands!

Run Jump Scrap!

14 thoughts on “Ava and Thea’s latest antics: IKEA and a VERY muddy adventure

  1. Jenny - Monkey and Mouse says:

    Wow! You certainly seem to have been busy! My two can only manage about 2 hours outside on the real cold wet days, it’s hard going, even when they are dressed for it. Glad they enjoyed parts of it and are happy to go back another (warmer!) day. Beautiful photos as always!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  2. Chloe says:

    Such a stunning day out. Your girls are so beautiful! I love the rope swing, it reminds me of my childhood and the duck race sounds so cool. So cute that they’ve asked to come back again too. I love IKEA!!! Although navigating it with a one year old is nowhere near as fun. Your pictures are so stunning.T hank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather x

  3. Mary Smith says:

    These 2 are so cute and very funny too. Looks like you had some great days out and some gorgeous pics there too. My kids love trips to Ikea and getting a doughnut at the end! How easily pleased they are x #bestandworst x

    • Becky Pink says:

      Thanks Lucy, we had a lovely week, not too busy so we could rest a bit, but still have fun. I really recommend Stowe, and their restaurant is brilliant. They often do seasonal events, and their Easter Egg hunt is always a winner! xx

    • Becky Pink says:

      Ah I hope she had a great time at the Aquarium, what fun! I keep thinking we should take our girls, we did when Ava was about 18 months and she just ran through it and couldn’t have cared less but I think they would enjoy it now! xx

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