National Trust’s Upton House and Gardens in Warwickshire

Over the weekend, we had a lovely day out at Upton House and Gardens, in Warwickshire, close to Banbury in Oxfordshire. It’s a National Trust property, and we have been here before, but this time there was a brilliant exhibition called ‘Banking for Victory’, about what happened to the house during the Second World War.

Upton House

We started off with lunch in the lovely restaurant, then had a (rather chilly) walk around the grounds. The estate was only partly open as it’s winter, but even so, it was lovely.

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Then we went on our tour of the house, which is really homey, and cosy. When war broke out, the Bearsted family move out of the beautiful house, and their family bank, M. Samuel & Co. moved in! The bank stayed there for the whole war, to protect the staff and the banking assets from air-raids in London.

We started in the Dining Room, which was set up as if the family had just left it after War was declared.

Upton House's Dining Room

The Dining Room was set up as it would have been on the day that War was declared.

That is the only room that looked like it would have done before the war – all the others had sheets draped over the beautiful furniture, and the bedrooms were set up like dormitories for the bank staff to sleep in. The Bearsteds had prepared really well for the war, and moved their business up to the house from London, and also moved their valuable paintings from London too.

If you’ve read my post on our New Year’s Resolutions you’ll know we are hoping to live a more sustainable life, and I found the vintage posters and recycling systems really interesting – good inspiration for us all!War Recycling at Upton House

I always like seeing the kitchens at stately homes, and the one at Upton did not disappoint – just look at those Agas!

Upton House's Agas

Not one, but two beautiful Agas!

Vintage Aga poster

It makes me want an Aga.

Ava was really fascinated by the vintage typewriters, though she struggled to press the buttons. We weren’t sure if she’d like looking round the house, but she did, albeit in quite a quick fashion!

Vintage Elizabeth Arden Ardena cosmetics at Upton House

Isn’t this a beautiful collection of potions?

We finished with tea and cake in the restaurant again, yum!

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Marjorie's Golden Rules for the Perfect Cuppa!

Good advice here for making the perfect cup of tea!

It was getting dark as we walked back to the car, and the house looked pretty gorgeous.

Upton House at dusk

The house looked stunning as we left at dusk.

The exhibition is on for a few years, and I’d definitely recommend it, especially if your kids are studying the war at school.

Upton House events

There are lots of great events coming up!

Run Jump Scrap!
Life Unexpected

23 thoughts on “National Trust’s Upton House and Gardens in Warwickshire

  1. Jenny Eaves says:

    A fab exhibition! I love learning about the wartime and what better way than looking at the memorabilia and posters that would have been dotted around. It looks like a great place for an explore and find lots if interesting things, my two. We’re fascinated by the type writers at our local museum and insisted on sitting ‘typing’ for ages. I loved my parents old typewriter, tempted to get one again for fun!
    Thanks for for linking up to #Whateverthweather 🙂 x

  2. Chloe says:

    Wow what a great place and wonderful exhibitions. I love looking at old houses and places kept in a time warp state. You can really use your imagination to see how people used to live and it’s always interesting seeing the things they used then compared to ours now. It sounds like a lovely place to explore. Thank you for sharing your adventure on #whatevertheweather x

    • Becky Pink says:

      Yay we got our membership with our Christmas money and think we will only need to go to two more places to get our money’s worth. We had membership part of last year too, but let it lapse because we got RHS cards. There are more reviews of NT places on my blog if you want to read any more. Enjoy your membership! xx

    • Becky Pink says:

      Ha ha I know what you mean – often Ryan will explore the grounds with the girls whilst I look at the house, but actually they were really good (though we had to carry Thea around!) xx

  3. Mackenzie Glanville says:

    The history is just amazing! I long to visit England it is so full of history we just don’t have the same here in Australia. A though we are in Tasmania at the moment and it is quite rich with Convict History. I love a good cuppa! #bestandworst

    • Becky Pink says:

      Thanks Mackenzie, If you’re planning on visiting England, the National Trust have so many amazing properties – I;ve never found one I didn’t like! And they almost all have excellent cafes, so what’s not to love! xx

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