Quick Christmas Gift Recipe: Peppermint ‘bark’

Here’s a super easy ‘Peppermint Bark’ recipe from my sister Debbie.  It’s perfect for wrapping up in pretty paper or bags and giving to teachers, neighbours, or anyone else who deserves a festive treat.

Best of all, it doesn’t need baking and only has four ingredients!

How to make peppermint bark

You will need:

200g dark chocolate
200g milk chocolate
100g white chocolate
12 candy canes

First melt about 200g dark chocolate in a bain Marie (a bowl over a saucepan of hot water). Be careful that the hot water doesn’t touch the bowl, or the chocolate goes all weird and you’ll have to start again!)Dark chocolate melting over a bain Marie
Next, spread it evenly into a lined tin with a lip, and let it cool.  I put it out in our conservatory, but you could put it in the fridge.Dark chocolate setting in a tinNext melt about 200g milk chocolate in the same way and spread it on top of the dark chocolate.Melted milk chocolate being spread over dark chocolate.While the second layer of chocolate is cooling, put a dozen peppermint candy canes into a plastic bag and smash them up with a wooden spoon.Peppermint candy canes being smashed up with a spoon.Then melt some white chocolate, 100g should be enough, but the more the merrier. Spread that over the milk chocolate, and before it sets, sprinkle the peppermint pieces all over it.Finished peppermint bark.Cool thoroughly in the fridge, and you have peppermint bark.

Break up your peppermint bark, wrap and and give away (or scoff)!

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