Thea’s Starting Preschool. It Hasn’t Been Easy!

Thea has been driving me absolutely bonkers over the past months or so. I think it’s a combination of a few things, including starting preschool. TheaShe’s had a great time over the summer, as she’s had Ava to play with every day. But since Ava went back to school, she’s been so booored. She’s also a bit bored of nursery, although she always has fun when she gets there.  But I think she’s acting up because she’s a bit worried about going to preschool. 

A Few Of the Cheeky Things THea’s Done

She’ll suddenly disappear and I’ll find her sitting in her wardrobe, saying “Sorry mumma, I was trying to make a skipping rope” whilst holding up an unwound cotton reel. She’s drawn on the rug. Again. Her sweet little porcelain bunny is now sporting purple scribbles and a sinister red eye that makes her look like an extra from Watership Down.

Thea’s drawn on her bunny. That red eye is not creepy. Not creepy at all 🙈. #kids #parenting #sinister #bunny #creativekids #kidsart

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She immediately scuffed her brand new school shoes, weeks before she even stepped in to preschool.

She put blu tack up her nose. Thankfully I have some tiny tweezers so we didn’t have to go to A and E. She’s been peeling and destroying crayons left, right and centre. She’s been having two or three accidents a day . This is really unlike her as she took to toilet training pretty well, over six months ago. My sister was over last week and she asked the girls  to help tidy up some of their toys.  They both said they didn’t want to. Then Thea added, “I expect Mummy would help you”! Such cheek!

She’s used up the majority of a new packet of stick on jewels. On her toes.

Thea's feet with jewel stickers over her toenails

An interesting take on fake nails… stick on jewels!

And don’t even get me started on the talcum powder incident.

I thought she would be totally fine about starting preschool. She’s been with me when every morning when we dropped Ava off there, and then at school for the past two years. She used to take her coat off and sit down, even though she was only one and a half – she was so desperate to stay and play.

Thea’s Preschool Settling In Session went well

She had her settling in session last week, and they were both so excited that Thea was wearing her uniform, and joining in on the school adventure. Don’t they look cute?

Ava and Thea loved wearing their uniforms together!

Ava and Thea loved wearing their uniforms together!

I think she has the second child confidence that Ava didn’t have (though she was really keen to go too!) I found a picture of Ava on her first day two years ago, and even though she was close to four, and Thea is only three and a half, I think Thea looks so much older, and more confident. It’s the same dress and cardigan, but I had to take the dress up a bit as Ava snipped all along the hem last year! So Thea is by no means the only pickle in the family.

She raced in to her settling in session, and was chatting away to the other kids (many of whom she knows from nursery or because I’m friends with their parents). She had such a great time and didn’t want to leave. I really enjoyed seeing her exploring and playing with the toys. She asked me if she’d be able to write now. Um sorry kid, not quite yet!

The Truth Comes Out

I know she’s not quite herself. Ava even said Thea was worried, and a few nights ago she woke up at 3am absolutely sobbing her heart out. I think she’d had a bad dream, but she was wide awake. I climbed into bed with her and asked if she was worried about anything. She said “I’m worried about going to school on my own, without you.” As I cuddled her, I could feel the sobs wracking her whole body, and felt so awful that I hadn’t picked up on her worries. I calmed her down and almost drifted off to sleep, but opened my eyes to see that she was intently staring at my face, as if she was worried I was going to leave her.

She did go off to sleep eventually, and when I asked her about it the next day she didn’t seem to remember it. It’s so heartbreaking seeing her like this, especially as she is such a happy go lucky, cheeky little girl most of the time. I’ve been feeling a bit sick about her starting for the past few weeks. Not because I was worried about her, but because she’s my youngest and it’ll be such a big change for me! Maybe she’s picked up on that?

Ready for the next chapter

So here we are. Tomorrow is Thea’s first proper morning at pre-school, a day which she has been waiting for, for about two years. And I have been dreading for about the same amount of time. Her bag is packed, with spare knickers and tights, and her uniform is ironed. I have taken a photo to mark the occasion, as normally I reserve my ironing energy for weddings, funerals and job interviews!

Thea's preschool uniform hanging up

I think I will feel a bit redundant when I drop her off. She has to go in every morning, so added to the three afternoons she’ll be at nursery so I can work, I’ll only have her to myself for two afternoons a week.

I’m not going to lie, it will be nice to have some time to myself that’s not just for work. I am pretty sure it will mainly be taken up cleaning and doing washing! But I do have some hopes of going to an exercise class. But I’ll really miss the playgroups and playdates with her little friends. They’ve been such a massive part of my life for nearly six years now. I know it’s going to be a hard transition for me. Hopefully it will be easier for Thea – I am fairly sure she’ll settle in well once she gets through the first few days. I hope so anyway! Having totally underestimated the effect it was having on her, I am not so sure. Either way, I’m sure there will be tears. Certainly mine, but hopefully not hers!

This seems like yesterday, where does the time go? I’m just not ready for this.

Thea's feet with her hospital bands

The days are long, but the years are short



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8 thoughts on “Thea’s Starting Preschool. It Hasn’t Been Easy!

  1. Helen Gandy says:

    Awww bless her, this made me well up. Alfie said that he was worried about us not coming back when he started school, broke my heart! Have to commend her efforts on the sparkly toe nails too ha!! Thanks for linking up!! #bestandworst

    • Becky Pink says:

      Ah Helen, that is so sad, but I guess they all go through it at one stage. And luckily it’s only one day before you go back for them, so they don’t have to suffer for long! Those jewel stickers are currently all over Thea’s bed, grrr xx

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