Ava and Thea decorating cakes

Ava and Thea’s February: Hairstyling, Half Term and A Joke

February has been a busy month for us, not least because we have started on our kitchen renovation! We’ve also had half term, which was fun but hard work (for me!) The girls have had fun spotting snowdrops and we are all getting excited about the evenings being slightly less dark.


We have put some black protective flooring over our lounge floor whilst the kitchen is put in, and the girls loved rolling around on it. I discovered it makes a great backdrop for photos too!Ava pulling a funny face

Doesn’t Ava’s hair look great spread out like that? And speaking of hair… I found a few chunks of Thea’s on our table…
Thea's hair cut

There was some more on the floor too! When I asked her about it, she said ‘It’s just that I have too much hair!”

Ava also made a little hair salon, and did her first plait! I took a little video, she’s so funny with her hairdresser patter.

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Ava practicing ballet

Ava and Thea’s January: Ballet, Tea and Sylvanian Families

January is such a tiresome month, isn’t it? I’m always glad to see the back of it, so I can start looking forward to spring! We’ve had a busy month, as usual, but we’ve been concentrating on family time whilst the weather is so miserable.


When I was about four, I started ballet. I remember it so clearly: good toes and naughty toes! Thea is always dancing about so I thought she would enjoy ballet too. Well, I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction! She and her cousin Bonnie went to their trial session and the pair of them grinning from ear to ear though the whole class. So I am now officially a ballet mum, having spent ages sewing the elastic into her little shoes!Mini ballet shoes

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Why we must talk to our chlldren about sexism

Why We Need To Talk To Our Children About Sexism

This week, at age six, Ava has had her first experience of sexism

She’s been going to football club after school for a couple of weeks, and hasn’t really been enjoying it. Yesterday, when I picked her up, she was crying. It was mainly that she was cold and the boys weren’t passing the ball to her. But it also turned out that one of the boys has been telling the rest of the boys that “football isn’t for girls.” And that’s why we need to talk to our children about sexism."Football isn't for girls": Why we need to talk to our children about sexismI told her that in the olden days (she loves that term) only boys were allowed to go to school, as lots of people thought girls weren’t clever enough. She was visibly shocked: “But that isn’t true!” Quite.  Continue reading

My Favourite 5 for December: Christmas Family Fun

We have had the most marvellous December, with Ava’s birthday and party, (I can’t believe I am now the proud owner of a six year old!) Christmas, and New Year. What a busy month!


We’ve had such fun with Christmassy activities at school and home, and I have absolutely loved having the girls off school and preschool for over two weeks. They are thick as thieves, and were plotting mischief in this picture. Ava and Thea

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Kid's birthday party with Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl Kid’s Birthday Party Review

I have a love/hate relationship with kid’s birthday parties. I dread organising them, as I go into Pinterest overdrive and want everything to be perfect. The kids never notice, and I just end up getting stressed.

Ava’s birthday is mid-December, which is a rubbish time to have a birthday, as it’s always slightly overshadowed by Christmas. So when the lovely people at Hollywood Bowl got in touch to see if we’d like to review their Ultimate Kid’s Birthday Party*, I couldn’t have been happier. And, it turns out, neither could Ava.Queen Ava at her Hollywood Bowl kids birthday partyNormally, I’d be stressing for weeks, over hiring a venue, party bags, kid’s entertainer, food, invitations, etc. etc. etc. But all I had to do was choose a time and number of kids, pick up the invites from the bowling alley, fill in the details and hand them out. It could not be easier! Continue reading

My Favourite 5 for October: The Circus, London & Afternoon Tea

We have had a busy and fun-filled half term, and now the countdown to Christmas begins!

A Reward For Ava and thea

I spray painted some glasses and filled one of them with stones a while back, and when the girls help me, or get good feedback from school/preschool, or do anything else that warrants a little reward, I move stones from one to the other. When they fill the second jar up, they get a treat.

Pink glasses with a flamingo

All the stones are in the second jar, so the girls have earned a treat!

I prefer this to a reward chart, as they work together to fill the jar. You can find out how to make these pretty jars here.

The jar is full, so I took the girls to the Circus at Frost’s Garden Centre as their reward. I hadn’t registered that it was a Halloween Circus so I was a bit worried that Ava would freak out (she’s not a fan of Halloween). But luckily she was fine. There was a Mummy, but I heard her reassuring Thea that it was only a man in a costume. It was a fun show, with acrobats, a lady balancing words, some hula hoopers, and this man balancing on cylinders. The Circus at Frosts Garden CentreThere was also a clown. I am scared of clowns (the Killer Clown phenomenon hasn’t helped) and my friend made me have my photo taken with him afterwards. Note the hysteria. Me and Thea with a clown

There was also an act called Mr Slinky. Which was a man in a life sized slinky suit, I really got the giggles.

A trip to London

We took the girls down to London for the day, and the loved the train and tube. Thea and Ryan on the Tube Continue reading

My Favourite 5 for August: Whipsnade Zoo, Shoes & Warwick Castle

The summer holidays are drawing to a close, and part of me is sad as we have had the best six weeks of fun. But I am sort of looking forward to getting back to ‘normality’ and back to work. Thea is starting preschool next month, so that will be a big change for her, and she’s raring to go. It’s going to be strange for me though – she’ll be going every morning, so I’ll have more time. I may even start going to an exercise class!

So what have we been up to in August? It mainly involves summer fun and our brilliant holiday to Cornwall, which I will write about another time, once I’ve waded through the thousands of photos.

Whipsnade Zoo

We had a really fun family outing to Whipsnade Zoo. We’ve been there a few times and it’s always a great day out. Thea’s favourite was the butterfly house. Personally I find it kind of freaky – I’m not keen on things flapping in my face. But Thea and Ava loved it, especially when one landed on her head.Thea with a butterfly on her head  Continue reading

My Favourite 5 for July: Prints, Lights & End of Term Fun

July has whizzed by in a whirl of end of term fun, work and DIY. We’re currently working on our utility room, so it should be ready soon. Ava has finished school for the summer, so I’ve been busy keeping her and Thea entertained, with a little help from the list I made this time last year. I’ve also been cramming in a bit of work here and there (the joy of being self employed).

Instagram Prints from SOCAL PRint Studio

I recently ordered some very cute mini photo books from Social Print Studio, filled with my Instagram photos of our family. I also took the opportunity to order some slightly larger prints, some of which are going to relatives, and some to update our photo wall in our cloakroom. They are such good quality, and I just love them.

Instagram prints from SocialPS


I’m struggling to believe Ava has done a year at school. It’s just flown by. From her end of year assembly, to the school disco and school, she’s been having such a great time.

This girl loves #sequins 💗 She had a great time at her school disco.

A photo posted by Becky Pink | PinksCharming (@pinkscharming) on

She’s come so far over the year, and her teachers have been amazing, so she made them these brilliant thank you cards.

I was going to buy something from the list of teacher’s gifts I made a few weeks back but she was keen to make something special herself. So she decorated a mug for her main teacher, and a treat plate for the team to share.


Sometimes you spot a bargain that is just too good to pass up. And these solar lights from Poundland are a case in point. Needless to say I got quite a few and have just been to B and Q to get some cup hooks, so I can hang them up in the garden. They come in several colours but I went for clear. I did have to go to no less than four stores to find them, ha ha. Well worth it though, don’t you think?

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Ideas for Ava’s Bedroom with George at Asda

We have never really finished Ava’s bedroom. It looks fine, but has things left over from her old nursery, which she’s grown out of. When George Home asked me to take part in their Children’s Bedroom Makeover Challenge, I thought would be great to see what ideas Ava has.

Unsurprisingly, since her favourite colours are ‘pinky purple’ and ‘purply pink’ she’s pretty taken with some pink pieces. Her wardrobe and chest of drawers are pale cream, and her walls are pale grey, so I agree with Ava that these items would work really well. The girl has taste!

Ava's Bedroom Wishlist

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My Favourite Five for May: Stationery, Footwear & Spiderman

Tomorrow is the last day of school before half term and boy are we ready for a break! We have had such a busy month, and last Friday Ava got a bit upset about going to school – I think she’s just really exhausted. I told her it was the weekend tomorrow and asked what she wanted to do. She said “Can we go to the Co-Op and choose a magazine.” What an unexpected request – but nice and easy to achieve!

Ava’s certificates

Ava’s been working really hard at school and got not one, but two certificates, and had to stand up in assembly to collect them! She was so nonchalant about it, and we are incredibly proud of her creativity. Ava's Certificates


You may have noticed I am a slight stationery freak. So you can imagine how excited I was to receive these lovely ombre pencils from Team Hen* – each is embossed with a quote from Marilyn Monroe.

Team Hen Ombre Purple Pencils

kikki.k quote cards

Sticking with the stationery theme, and I was overjoyed to discover new shop Kikki.K, when I was in London a few weeks ago. Good grief, it was as if someone had gone into my brain and made all the things I would ever want. Aside from lots of lovely cards, pens and homeware, these pretty quote cards caught my eye. I love the quotes and gold foiling, and have the ‘Start Somewhere’ one in the wooden holder at the moment, as I am working on a big, slightly daunting project. It’s helping inspire me!

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