Thea is Four!

It’s Thea’s 4th birthday today. Goodness me, where have the past four years go? She’s always been a happy-go-lucky ray of sunshine and makes us roar with laughter with her cheeky ways.

She’s rather a flirt, and a quick flash of her dimples is enough to melt anyone’s heart!
Thea peeping through the doorThea peeping through the door

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My Favourite 5 for December: Christmas Family Fun

We have had the most marvellous December, with Ava’s birthday and party, (I can’t believe I am now the proud owner of a six year old!) Christmas, and New Year. What a busy month!


We’ve had such fun with Christmassy activities at school and home, and I have absolutely loved having the girls off school and preschool for over two weeks. They are thick as thieves, and were plotting mischief in this picture. Ava and Thea

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Kid's birthday party with Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl Kid’s Birthday Party Review

I have a love/hate relationship with kid’s birthday parties. I dread organising them, as I go into Pinterest overdrive and want everything to be perfect. The kids never notice, and I just end up getting stressed.

Ava’s birthday is mid-December, which is a rubbish time to have a birthday, as it’s always slightly overshadowed by Christmas. So when the lovely people at Hollywood Bowl got in touch to see if we’d like to review their Ultimate Kid’s Birthday Party*, I couldn’t have been happier. And, it turns out, neither could Ava.Queen Ava at her Hollywood Bowl kids birthday partyNormally, I’d be stressing for weeks, over hiring a venue, party bags, kid’s entertainer, food, invitations, etc. etc. etc. But all I had to do was choose a time and number of kids, pick up the invites from the bowling alley, fill in the details and hand them out. It could not be easier! Continue reading

Little Mermaid tabelware from Party Bags & Supplies

REVIEW: Party Pack from Party Bags & Supplies plus discount code

It was Thea’s birthday last week, and a few weeks ago, we asked her what kind of party she wanted. She announced she wanted an Ariel cake. *Cue slight panic from me and frantic Pinteresting!* A couple of days later I was offered the chance to review a set of party bags and tableware from the lovely people at Party Bags & Supplies, so the timing couldn’t have been better!

I went onto their site and took a look at their party supplies. There are lots to choose from, including Frozen (of course!) Minions, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Fireman Sam… the list goes on, and on! Of course I chose their Ariel Beautiful Mermaid Party Pack for 8, and I knew Thea would be over the moon.

The package arrived a few days after I ordered, and I had to hide it so the girls didn’t get too excited! Little Mermaid Party Pack from Party Bags & Supplies Continue reading

Our ‘baby’ Thea is Three!

Our little poppet Thea is three today, so although she’ll always be my baby, she’s really getting quite old, not even a toddler now! She’s such a ray of sunshine in our lives and makes us laugh every day.

She was born at 9.09 pm (according to this photo of her little feet – I can’t remember the timings, funnily enough!) and we took a few days to decide on her name so she had my name on her little hospital bands.

Thea's feet with her hospital bands

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Ava is five!

Ava is five. FIVE! How did that happen? I know everyone says it, but these years have flown by, and whilst it hasn’t always been easy being parents, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are so proud of our clever, funny, caring, imaginative, beautiful little girl and we love hanging out with her.

Newborn Ava

Ava was just a day or two old here, and so teeny!

Here is a gallery of some of our favourite pictures of Ava, pretty much in chronological order! It makes me realise we really need to get more pictures of us with her, we only have a handful out of the thousands we have taken.

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Five things I love right now: November

My birthday is in November, (or Yesvember, as Thea calls it!) so I’ve had no trouble finding a bunch of lovely things to share with you!

1. Golden Girls cross stitch picture. I love The Golden Girls sitcom. It’s such a gentle comedy, yet still really funny. I used to watch reruns of it with my roommate when I lived in America. It was pretty much the only thing we had in common! My sister Debbie made this brilliant picture for me. I love it so much.2. Deluxe Label Maker and pastel tapes from BeryluneSo great I was given it twice! Ryan and Debbie both bought it for me. Now I do love it, but really I can only use one. Luckily the lovely ladies at Berylune took one back so I’m currently deciding what to get instead – I pretty much want everything on their amazing site, go and check it out if you haven’t seen it before! The label maker is living in one of the lovely copper baskets my brother and sister in law gave me – perfect for our copper themed office! I have got lots of plans for this baby.
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