A Greetings Cards Subscription to Make Life Easier

Greetings cards. It is just me, or do you end up buying all the cards, for every occasion?  I get every single one. I may even be buying my own for our anniversary later this week! I have already bought three Father’s Day cards, for Ryan and both grandparents. I am also default Christmas card purchaser and writer too. I don’t want to be sexist, but I suspect that it’s the girl’s task in most families (do let me know if I’m wrong…)

I actually don’t mind as I love stationery. But it can be hard to keep on top of them all, especially now that the girls are being invited to birthday parties, and we’re getting into wedding season. I’ve recently discovered a rather exciting card subscription service called Proper Post, and I thought you might be ready to have your stationery world rocked  too. This is my first pack – could it be any cuter?

A selection of monochrome and copper stationery and cards that came in my Proper Post stationery subscription pack.

Monochrome and copper stationery: my idea of heaven.

Each month has a different theme, this month is Monochrome and Copper, which if you have seen my latest post about my home office, you will know is right up my street. I’m thinking of sticking the copper triangles along the shelf, what do you think? Continue reading

White shelf with pictures and copper fairy light

The Finishing Touches to my Home Office Shelf

My home office has been a long labour of love. It started life as a junk room when we moved, as we just had so much stuff. Then when I went freelance 18 months ago, I needed to turn it into a workspace. We managed to squeeze two desks into the tiny room, and put up an IKEA picture shelf above the second smaller desk. I’ve been trying out different arrangements of pictures and bits and bobs on the shelf, but it didn’t ever feel quite right. But I think I *might* have cracked it. What do you think?

White desk with white shelf and copper accessories

It’s so lovely to have a space for my sewing machine – I am not sure when I’ll find the time to actually use it though!

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My Favourite Five for March: Night Lights, Cushion Covers & Love Notes

1. A Little Lovely Company night lights. I ordered these cute little lights for the girls for Easter and they love them. Thea has the apple and Ava has the cloud – we are going to paint clouds on her bedroom wall soon, so I think it will go really well.A Little Lovely Company apple and cloud nightlights2. Love notes from Ava. She made these micro notes one evening (when she was supposed to be asleep) and put them on each side of our bed. So cute. Tiny love notes from Ava3. White and copper cushion cover from H and M. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know I’m a tiny but obsessed with copper. So I was very excited to spot this lovely cushion cover over at H and M’s home department (which is full of other delights, by the way) for just £6.99. It goes perfectly in my little home office where I use it as a booster cushion, as I’m bit short. I think I should probably iron it though…Home office with white and copper H and M cushion Continue reading

Home office with IKEA furniture and copper accessories

Getting Your Home Ready for a WFH Life

Working from home is the dream for most of us who trudge every day into the office, battling with public transport, long and traffic-laden car journeys and late home times.

Several years of this can become tedious and once you have a family, priorities begin to shift. Late last year, I took the big step of becoming a freelance copywriter, with the aim of getting more flexibility and a work/life better balance.

I have fully embraced the Work From Home (WFH) lifestyle – is it something you’re interested in? It might be the fresh start that you’re looking for, especially if you’re reassessing your options after maternity leave. You will need to make some simple adjustments to your home to create the perfect space for working.

Having your own office

If you have the luxury of a spare room then you’re off to a flying start. Having a space that is purely business-related will keep your concentration focused and will keep the rest of your home closed off for family/relaxation time.

Small home offce with two IKEA desks, and ALEX office drawers

We love the simple white furniture, as it is nice and calming, plus it goes with everything. I’ve added touches of copper and monochrome soft furnishings to make it a bit more cosy. It’s not finished just yet but is well on the way!

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Five things I love right now: July

1. All yellow, orange and red peppers. Finally, you can now buy a packet of peppers that doesn’t have a lousy green one in it. Thank you Sainsbury’s for seeing sense! We go through so many peppers, the girls love them raw, it’s one of their favourite snacks. But we all hate the green ones.  Red, yellow and orange peppers
2. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue I love bareMinerals products. I’ve used their Original Mineral Foundation for ages and their new tinted gel moisturiser is great, either as a (very) light skin-tone-even-outer, or beneath the powder foundation. It has an SPF of 30, which is a big bonus, and even has a shade pale enough for me! It’s not the cheapest as £26 but I used my Boots points so didn’t mind.bareMinerals Complexion Rescue
3. Childs Farm Hair Detangler. We’ve tried a few over the years and this one is hands down the best. It smells great, and is 98% natural, with no parabens, SLSs, or mineral oils. Love it. We love the rest of the range too, as it has never made Ava’s eczema flare up.Childs Farm Hair Detangler

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Copper lamp, pencil pot and vase, and zebra plate on a white desk

My new favourite shop: HOWKAPOW

I have been obsessing over an amazing copper desk lamp from Howkapow over the past month or two but it was out of stock. I knew it would be perfect for our office, which has a copper theme thanks to the gorgeous light fitting I found (read more here). Well this week, I got a notification to say it was back in stock so I wasted no time ordering,  and it’s here! It was £36.95 and comes in gold, powder pink, white, mint green, and black plus the white and pink versions are in the sale at just £19.95 – so tempting!Howkapow Copper Z Lamp

I had such a hard time not buying anything else from this delightfully quirky shop. I only discovered it recently and it would be disastrous for my credit card were I to set foot inside the actual shop! It would be a great place to buy presents and here are a few of the goodies that are firmly on my wishlist – hope you like them as much as I do!

First, the marvellous metallics…

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Five things I love right now: April (just!)

1. Copper. I found this gorgeous light shade in ASDA, of all places, and had to have it for our office. It was only £20, though the lovely retro Calex lightbulb was nearly £20 from John Lewis… not such a bargain but totally needed. The ASDA shade is sold out now I’m afraid.

Copper Light Shade

We will be replacing the rather grubby old light fitting at some point too! Unfortunately I can’t find anything else to go with the shade, so have had to take matters into my own hands with Rust-oleum Metallic Bright Copper Spray Paint which I got from Amazon for only £6.48.

I will be blogging about the work we’ve been doing on the office soon, but for now, this will have to serve as a sneak peek! 

2. Stroop Wafels. I have had my eye on these in my local Co-Op for a while and one day, I cracked! They are so scummy, and have lovely gooey cinnamon-flavoured caramel sandwiched inside two soft waffles. Pop it on your cup of tea, and it starts to melt. Mmmmmmm.

3. Sandals. The weather is still acting up, but we are getting some lovely sunny, warm days so the girls have been wearing in their new sandals. How cute are they? I wish they did them in adults sizes…John Lewis girls' sandals

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