Ideas for Thea’s New IKEA Kura Bed

We have just got Thea a new (second hand) IKEA Kura bed. So now I am feverishly pinning  ‘IKEA Kura Bed Hack’ images. Sorry if you are sick of seeing them on my Pinterest feed! It’s just so flexible and there are loads of things we could do with it, how do we decide?

If you’re not familiar with the delights of the IKEA Kura bed, let me enlighten you. It can be used like a low-ish four poster bed, as we have it. Or you can upturn it, and made into a low mid-sleeper bed. In a few years we’ll flip it over so Thea can have a little den beneath it. She’s too young for that yet – she’s already rolled out, luckily it’s nice and low! That’s not the only danger though, as you’ll find out when you keep reading!

Ikea Kura Bed with grey duvet cover and Little Bird turquoise tree wall decals

Will the stickers survive if I move them up?

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Plans for a Fresh New Utility Room

Do you have a Monica from Friends style junk cupboard? We do. It’s also known as our utility room. It’s the place where we put all of the random bits and bobs that don’t have a home.


There is a lot of stuff in there, including:

  • One comedy Australian hat, complete with corks
  • A buggy we haven’t used for well over a year
  • Bits of high chair that we will need when we sell the chairs in about ten years
  • Spare car seat covers
  • Bottles of champaign
  • One cool bag
  • One picnic set
  • Lots of Vanish
  • Several cans of spray paint
  • Loads of old shoes
  • A stairgate
  • A pool noodle
  • A camera tripod
  • Loads of pieces of stuff, screws and tools

Here it is, in all it’s glory.

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Simple Home Security Improvements You Can Fit Yourself

There has been a spate of burglaries on our estate over the last few months, and at first, it didn’t really worry me, as we don’t have anything worth stealing, and our home security is good. But then a few things have happened to make me change my mind, and think we ought to get a burglar alarm.

Ryan pointed out that burglars don’t know we don’t have anything of value, though a quick look at our ancient cars would be a tip off! He also quite right said that we wouldn’t ever feel comfortable in our lovely home if someone did break in.

Then I saw a post on Facebook, where a mum was asking for advice on how to help her five year old come to terms with their home being burgled, and it made my blood run cold – I had never considered what effect it would have on the girls if it happened to us. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

So we have been upping our home security.

Our garden overlooks a beautiful field, and though that is the main reason we bought the house (it was really hideous on the inside when we moved in) it is a double edged sword as we are a bit vulnerable with fewer neighbours.

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White shelf with pictures and copper fairy light

The Finishing Touches to my Home Office Shelf

My home office has been a long labour of love. It started life as a junk room when we moved, as we just had so much stuff. Then when I went freelance 18 months ago, I needed to turn it into a workspace. We managed to squeeze two desks into the tiny room, and put up an IKEA picture shelf above the second smaller desk. I’ve been trying out different arrangements of pictures and bits and bobs on the shelf, but it didn’t ever feel quite right. But I think I *might* have cracked it. What do you think?

White desk with white shelf and copper accessories

It’s so lovely to have a space for my sewing machine – I am not sure when I’ll find the time to actually use it though!

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