BareMinerals Bare Pro and Original SPF15 Mineral Foundation

BareMinerals Mineral Foundation Original Vs Bare Pro Performance Wear Foundation

I am a big fan of BareMinerals Mineral Foundation. I’ve used their Original Mineral Foundation for ages. I’ve also tried the Matte version (too chalky for me) and their now-discontinued Ready Foundation (which I didn’t like at all). When I heard about their latest launch: Bare Pro Performance Wear Powder Foundation, I really wanted to love it. Read on to see how they compare.BareMinerals Mineral Foundations

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Kind Natured Body Wash, Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I have been looking for natural, or at least less chemical-filled beauty products for years now, with very mixed results. Generally, they are several times more expensive than the high street equivalent (or ten times more, in some cases) and often just don’t work as well.

When I spotted this Kind Natured Body Wash in Boots a while back, I thought it was worth a try, as it was not too expensive (£4.99, but it’s half price at the moment) and it smelled delightful.

KIND NATURED Coconut & passionflower BODY WASH

I’m not disappointed. It actually lathers well, which is a notorious problem for products that don’t contain Sodium Laureth Sulphates (SLS) as this is the cheap chemical foaming agent found in washing up liquid and normal shampoos and shower gels. I don’t think I’d realise this had fewer chemicals than normal product if I didn’t know. It’s not overly moisturising, which is fine for me as my skin is on the oily side, but if that’s a consideration for you, you might need to add extra body lotion.
Kind Natured Body Wash

Kind Natured Coconut & Shea Colour Care Shampoo And Conditioner

I liked it the Body Wash so much, that the next time I needed shampoo, I bought the Coconut & Shea Shampoo and Conditioner. Don’t they look nice all together? I can’t deny the packaging also persuaded me to try them, as often more natural products don’t have the nicest of labels. Kind Natured Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner Continue reading

Five things I love right now: August

1. Beautiful Birds book. It’s no secret that I am obsessed with birds, flamingos in particular (keep reading for my latest flamingo finds!) and this beautifully illustrated A-Z book is so stunning I’m not actually giving it to the girls just yet, as they will inevitably wreck it. So it’s on the picture shelf in the office. I get it down every so often and wish I could draw like that.Beautiful Birds by J.Roussen & E.Walker

2. Natural Antibacterial Spray A day out and picnic essential from a British eco-friendly company. This Neal’s Yard Organic Defence Hand Spray smells delightful (not of chemicals, like the other antibacterial gels I have tried in the past) and is made with essential oils and witch hazel. I have it in my changing bag, and the girls love it when I spray it on their hands (which is something I would only do in emergencies with the normal gels, in case they for some reason lick their hands!).

It’s £6.50 for 50ml, which is more than the chemical sanitisers, but you get more in the spray, so I think it is good value for money, especially considering it’s certified organic, and all natural. I have a NYR Representative friend and she have this to me to try, but my opinions are honest and unbiased, as usual!

3. Flamingos. I managed to get not one, but two new flamingo items this month, yay! This duvet cover and pillowcase is from Dunelm Mills and was only £8, down from £10. I even planned ahead and got one for Thea, so if they ever have bunkbeds, they will match. Ava LOVES it. She’s also pinched Thea’s flamingo PJs from last month, as the thinks wearing them in her bed makes her camouflaged. I go along with that, obviously.Flamingo duvet cover
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Beauty on a Budget: 1

Why is it that all your beauty products run out at once?

This week I have been spectacularly unlucky: over the past few days my day cream, primer and facial scrub have all run out, I’ve had to cut open my facial cleansing balm to get out the last few day’s worth,  my night cream is feeling suspiciously light and my foundation is running very low too. Argh!

The empty bottles of skincare past

The empty bottles of skincare past

January is the worst time for this to happen, right?

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