Kitchen renovation with paint

Half Way Through Our Kitchen Renovation (We Hope!)

Our new kitchen gets delivered sometime today, so the last week has been spent ripping out the old one, and getting the room ready. We really hope this is the half way mark, as it’s been pretty stressful living with no kitchen! I wrote a post about how we were planning to cope without a kitchen, and that planning ahead has helped but my plans to actually cook have gone out of the window! To be honest, this week has been really difficult, but the end is in sight!

So a reminder of our kitchen before. A symphony of orange! It turns out there were lots of things wrong with it, which I explained a few weeks back, in a post which also shows how we hope the new kitchen will look. The old oven finally broke a few weeks back.

Orange oak kitchen with old electric oven


The workmen arrived with their sledgehammers and crowbars to begin removing the old kitchen. I sold the cupboard doors on Gumtree to a lady who had matching ones and wanted more. She also took the cooker hood for her dad, and the corner pull out unit and drawers. We gave the top cupboards to our electrician for his garage and he also took some other bits of wood and worktop. We gave away the built in fridge to a guy on Gumtree. There was an awful lot of crashing and banging but at the end of the day, we were left with bare walls and just a sink, the dishwasher and oven.

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