My Favourite Five for March: Night Lights, Cushion Covers & Love Notes

1. A Little Lovely Company night lights. I ordered these cute little lights for the girls for Easter and they love them. Thea has the apple and Ava has the cloud – we are going to paint clouds on her bedroom wall soon, so I think it will go really well.A Little Lovely Company apple and cloud nightlights2. Love notes from Ava. She made these micro notes one evening (when she was supposed to be asleep) and put them on each side of our bed. So cute. Tiny love notes from Ava3. White and copper cushion cover from H and M. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know I’m a tiny but obsessed with copper. So I was very excited to spot this lovely cushion cover over at H and M’s home department (which is full of other delights, by the way) for just £6.99. It goes perfectly in my little home office where I use it as a booster cushion, as I’m bit short. I think I should probably iron it though…Home office with white and copper H and M cushion Continue reading

Little Mermaid tabelware from Party Bags & Supplies

REVIEW: Party Pack from Party Bags & Supplies plus discount code

It was Thea’s birthday last week, and a few weeks ago, we asked her what kind of party she wanted. She announced she wanted an Ariel cake. *Cue slight panic from me and frantic Pinteresting!* A couple of days later I was offered the chance to review a set of party bags and tableware from the lovely people at Party Bags & Supplies, so the timing couldn’t have been better!

I went onto their site and took a look at their party supplies. There are lots to choose from, including Frozen (of course!) Minions, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Fireman Sam… the list goes on, and on! Of course I chose their Ariel Beautiful Mermaid Party Pack for 8, and I knew Thea would be over the moon.

The package arrived a few days after I ordered, and I had to hide it so the girls didn’t get too excited! Little Mermaid Party Pack from Party Bags & Supplies Continue reading

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas: New Worktops, Tiles & Cooker

I love looking for interior design ideas in magazines and websites, and could spend all day pinning to my Pinterest boards! Progress on our house is so slow: most rooms are looking quite good, but we only have two finished rooms, the downstairs toilet, and Thea’s room, which recently featured on RockMyFamily. Our kitchen is the only room  we’ve barely touched.

Orange oak kitchen with old electric oven

Oh so orange.

The gingery oak cupboards are not what we would have chosen, but not bad enough to rip out, even if we had that kind of money! Even if we could afford it, we are trying to live a more LAGOM life, by reusing where we can, so would still do our best to work with what we have. It’s very gloomy and orange-toned, thanks to the awful lino, tiles and lights. The layout is fine, and the cupboards are sound, so  we are planning to revamp it on a budget.

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My Favourite Five for February: Tiger, IKEA & FitBit

1. Tiger geometric goodies. I can’t get enough of Tiger. Our local one opened fairly recently and I buy something or other every time I go past, I can’t resist! Sadly/luckily (depending on your will power) you can’t buy online yet so if you don’t have one near you, I’m sorry but hopefully you will soon! I picked up this lovely embroidery kit for just £3. Yes, THREE POUNDS! I went back and got another one today – I’m going to try and spray this hoop copper so it can go in our office, and I’m going to do my next one with pink thread, to go in our lounge. The ‘instructions’ are pretty hopeless as they are pictorial, but it was so easy you won’t need them anyway. I did this in about an hour, in front of the TV.Tiger embroideryI also got this rather lovely white wire fruit bowl for £4.Tiger white wire fruit bowl
2. IKEA LOSJON coat hooks. I love these brightly coloured hooks – they are only £4.75, and you can either screw them into the wall, or stick them up. That’s the option I’ll be going for, obviously. We need more coat hooks in our hall, and I thought if I put these up at waist height, the girls can hand their own coats up, rather than chucking them on the floor. IKEA coat hooks

3. Fitbit Flex. Those of you that know me IRL may well fall off your chair in shock that I have actually bought a fitness product. OK you can stop laughing now. I’m trying to be healthier, and I know that this won’t actually do that, but I am interested in how much (or little) exercise I actually get and also how much sleep. Not surprisingly, I pretty much hit my 10,000 step goal on the days I am running about with the girls, and on my work days, it’s more like 6,000. And last Sunday it was a paltry 3,000! But the day before I went to London and did over 16,000 so I didn’t really care that much. Because I had a feeling I am going to get bored of this, I got it with my Boots points, so it’s not *real* money, and it’s £15 off at the moment too. It comes with a second bigger wrist band, so if I do get bored, I can give it to Ryan! But so far, I’m finding it interesting and now that I have my week of base line steps, I have something to beat.

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Shoes and Bags to Swish

How To Declutter With A Swishing Party: Ours Was In Aid Of Tiny Tickers

This year, I am doing my best to #LiveLAGOM, which is a Swedish concept of having enough, but not too much. It all stemmed from a sustainable living project I am doing with IKEA and environmental charity Hubbub. One of my the ways I want to Live LAGOM is to cut the clutter, and remove the things we don’t need or use from our house.

This has led to me sorting out quite a ridiculous amount of clothes and accessories, to go to a new home. I was pretty ashamed of how many clothes and shoes I have, particularly considering I pretty much only ever wear skinny jeans and a sweatshirt or jumper! OK so I do obviously need dresses and nice clothes for weddings, parties, and work (though I need a lot less now I work from home a lot – helllloooo PJs!) but I definitely don’t need the seven or eight pairs of pre-children jeans that I am realistically never going to get back in to.

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Instead of just taking them to a charity shop, I decided to hold a Swishing Party, to have some fun, and raise a bit of money for baby hearts charity Tiny Tickers. It’s Heart Week, which runs from the 7th to the 14th of February, so a great reason to do some fundraising, and also raise awareness of this great little charity. Several of my friends have had babies with heart problems, so I think it’s a great cause.  Continue reading