Ideas For Teacher’s Gifts, Starting From £2

The end of the school year is looming, and I’m trying to decide what gifts to get Ava’s amazing teacher and other school staff. Ava adores her teacher, so I want to get her something really special, to show her how much we appreciate her hard work.

Last year, I let Ava run riot with some plain plates and pens, and she did a great job decorating them for her teachers at pre-school. I know they really appreciated the effort she had gone to.

Ava decorating a plate with Sharpie pens

One of my friends, who’s a primary school teacher, told me the best gifts she’s received:

A handmade and handwritten card from the child is always lovely. I’m always partial to wine, or book tokens. The most meaningful thing is when parents write a card with a message of thanks. I’ve kept all of those!

So, thanks to my Proper Post Subscription, I have some lovely cards that I will write myself. I’m always finding little cards and notes from Ava, so I’m sure she will love making one for her wonderful teacher.

I want to get her a gift as well, and here are some goodies I think any teacher would be delighted to receive.


In my experience, most teachers love stationery, so a gorgeous desk tidy like this one from Southwood Stores for £20 would useful as well as pretty, and comes in red and grey too.
Blue Desk Tidy from Southwood Stores Continue reading

A Greetings Cards Subscription to Make Life Easier

Greetings cards. It is just me, or do you end up buying all the cards, for every occasion?  I get every single one. I may even be buying my own for our anniversary later this week! I have already bought three Father’s Day cards, for Ryan and both grandparents. I am also default Christmas card purchaser and writer too. I don’t want to be sexist, but I suspect that it’s the girl’s task in most families (do let me know if I’m wrong…)

I actually don’t mind as I love stationery. But it can be hard to keep on top of them all, especially now that the girls are being invited to birthday parties, and we’re getting into wedding season. I’ve recently discovered a rather exciting card subscription service called Proper Post, and I thought you might be ready to have your stationery world rocked  too. This is my first pack – could it be any cuter?

A selection of monochrome and copper stationery and cards that came in my Proper Post stationery subscription pack.

Monochrome and copper stationery: my idea of heaven.

Each month has a different theme, this month is Monochrome and Copper, which if you have seen my latest post about my home office, you will know is right up my street. I’m thinking of sticking the copper triangles along the shelf, what do you think? Continue reading

My Favourite Five for May: Stationery, Footwear & Spiderman

Tomorrow is the last day of school before half term and boy are we ready for a break! We have had such a busy month, and last Friday Ava got a bit upset about going to school – I think she’s just really exhausted. I told her it was the weekend tomorrow and asked what she wanted to do. She said “Can we go to the Co-Op and choose a magazine.” What an unexpected request – but nice and easy to achieve!

Ava’s certificates

Ava’s been working really hard at school and got not one, but two certificates, and had to stand up in assembly to collect them! She was so nonchalant about it, and we are incredibly proud of her creativity. Ava's Certificates


You may have noticed I am a slight stationery freak. So you can imagine how excited I was to receive these lovely ombre pencils from Team Hen* – each is embossed with a quote from Marilyn Monroe.

Team Hen Ombre Purple Pencils

kikki.k quote cards

Sticking with the stationery theme, and I was overjoyed to discover new shop Kikki.K, when I was in London a few weeks ago. Good grief, it was as if someone had gone into my brain and made all the things I would ever want. Aside from lots of lovely cards, pens and homeware, these pretty quote cards caught my eye. I love the quotes and gold foiling, and have the ‘Start Somewhere’ one in the wooden holder at the moment, as I am working on a big, slightly daunting project. It’s helping inspire me!

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Enjoying Some Much Needed Me Time

Ryan has been abroad this week, with work, so I have been a bit too busy to blog. I always dread him going away, as I find it really hard to solo-parent. But this time, it was actually a lot easier than I expected. I wonder if that was because I spent last weekend away from home, doing some things for myself. Maybe having some time out from family life meant I was more relaxed? Though my weekend wasn’t really relaxing, it was pretty full on, but great fun, and reminded me of who I am, aside from being a mum!

It started on Saturday, when I got the train up to Manchester, and stayed overnight with my cousin. Waiting on the platform for a train We went out for dinner to a lovely local Italian place and caught up. Normally we have Ava and Thea needing our attention, so it was great to be able to talk properly!

Next morning, she dropped me off at a bloggers event called BlogOn at the Museum of Science and Industry, but I was a bit early, so I found a (slightly hipster) coffee bar and enjoyed a nice cup of proper Earl Grey tea, with milk in a Pyrex flask. And don’t you just love the gold teaspoon?Proper tea

Now to many people this is quite commonplace, but to me, it was so nice to have half an hour to sit and read a magazine, it felt like a holiday! The life of a mum, right? Continue reading