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Beauty on a Budget: 3

So after my efforts to use Epsom Salt to buff my skin failed so miserably, I moved on to Bicarbonate of Soda. Lucky I did as my tub’s best before date was several years ago, so would not have been too good for cooking!


The instructions were to mix a teaspoonful of it with my cleanser and massage over damp skin for 30 seconds. Nice and easy.

My morning cleanser, by the way is bareMinerals Purifying Cleanser.

It felt quite nice, and more of a mild, creamy polish than a scrub, so quite similar, although finer, to the bareMinerals one I’m trying to replace. It’s not as good, but it’s not bad at all so will experiment with different ratios of bicarbonate of soda to cleanser. I think it will be a daily polish, rather than a weekly deep clean type of thing.

It left my skin feeling smooth and quite squeaky! I managed to get some in my mouth, and I don’t recommend that! So I will be trying this again, but need to work out what to store it in, as it obviously needs to be kept dry. Really wish I hadn’t recycled the old scrub bottle…

  1. DebJFielding

    25th March 2015 at 10:03 am

    I’ve finally got around to trying this – it was a good consistency and felt nice too!x

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