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Five things I love right now: June

1. Tropical prints. This juicy watermelon print  is on my new glass worktop protector. I have read using a smooth glass surface for paper cutting is better than using the self-healing cutting mats. At only £2.99 from Dunelm I thought I could afford to try it out! If not, it will still look great in my kitchen. I picked it up in store but when I just searched for the link, I saw they do all sorts of matching accessories… dangerous! 2. Flamingo glasses. My obsession with these kitsch  ...

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Beauty on a Budget: 4

My next quest is to find a cheaper replacement for my Evolve Cleansing Balm, which somehow melts away make-up, yet doesn’t leave a horrid film on my face. I saw a post online recommending Waitrose’s Baby Bottom Butter, and I had some already, from trying loads of creams on Ava’s eczema. It’s basically just olive oil, and I was a bit nervous about that, having suffered with spots since my early teens. But new oily products are sometimes now recommended for oily skin,  ...

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Our Battle With Eczema: Tips To Try

Ava had terrible eczema when she was little, and spent much of her first six months covered in cream, with her hands in little mittens. We couldn’t avoid getting it in her hair, so she always looked like she was using wet-look gel. You can just about see the eczema on her face, but it looked worse in real life. By this time we’d just about got it under control, provided we never skipped the goop. It took an awful lot of trial and error and many tears (on my part that I  ...

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