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My Favourite Five for April: Desert Essence, Dining Chairs & Blooms

April has flown by, hasn’t it? We have been really busy with the Easter holidays and work, but we have been able to enjoy the garden in the sunny days in between the crazy storms. We’ve enjoyed a weekend away with extended family, where Ava and Thea got to play with my cousins’ lovely kids whilst we caught up with the grown ups. We also had a fun day out in Tring, where we went to the Natural History Museum (blog post to come soon) and Pizza Express afterwards. Here are a  ...

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Beauty Boosts

Hippy Paste 100% Natural Deodorant by Earth Conscious

I have been trying to cut chemicals out of my beauty products for six years now, since I was pregnant with Ava. I began to worry about all the lotions and potions I was putting on to (and therefore in to) my skin. I’ve had varying amounts of success, but one thing I have never managed to find was a natural deodorant. I have even tried some crystals which you run under the tap and then rub over your arm pits. Literally useless. So I was excited when I was offered a pot of Hippy Paste  ...

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Happy New Year! (And happy birthday to PinksCharming)

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and welcomed the new year with something sparkly. I woke up with a migraine, and all my New Year’s Eve plans were scuppered. I spent most of the day in bed, and finally managed to crawl to the sofa late afternoon, knowing I’d have trouble sleeping that night if I slept any more. I flaked out about ten o’clock, and then got woken up at midnight by the fireworks outside our house. Oh well, I’ve never been one for New  ...

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Five things I love right now: August

1. Beautiful Birds book. It’s no secret that I am obsessed with birds, flamingos in particular (keep reading for my latest flamingo finds!) and this beautifully illustrated A-Z book is so stunning I’m not actually giving it to the girls just yet, as they will inevitably wreck it. So it’s on the picture shelf in the office. I get it down every so often and wish I could draw like that. 2. Natural Antibacterial Spray A day out and picnic essential from a British eco-friendly  ...

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