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Experiments with crayons

This morning I discovered that Ava had drawn on her sheet and bed with green crayon. “I wanted to see if it worked on the pink too. I tried to get it off with lick on my finger but it didn’t work. Sorry mum.” How she snuck a crayon into her room is a mystery, but these things happen when you have a crafty four year old. Crafty in both senses of the word. Hopefully a baby wipe will remove it, it works for most other messes!

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Ten things I love right now: January

1. Mug cakes.  A cake in minutes? Genius. All you need is a microwave, a mug, and ingredients.  So bad for you, but oh-so-good on a cold winter’s afternoon. Going like hot cakes in the Pink household. My current fave is ginger cake. Delish. 2. Neighbours. I really missed it over Christmas. I’ve watched it since it started (with a couple of  breaks for uni and when I lived in America) and I just can’t get enough.  Dr Karl is a legend. (Yep, he’s still in it. And still  ...

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