My Favourite Family

My family are wonderful. I’m a bit biased, and very lucky. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful girls, plus a large extended family. There’s never a dull moment.


Ava: “Follow the footprint cards, and they’ll lead you to something tastic.” Disappointingly though, they only led to the lounge.

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Bat girl

“What are you doing, Ava?” “Just hanging around like a bat.”

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Baby love

I whispered “I love you” in Thea’s ear and she reached up, squeezed my neck with her chubby arms, and whispered back: “I wuv you.”…

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Wild animals on the loose!

She came into our room at about 6am, saying she was scared. I was too sleepy to ask why so I let her get into…

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Such excitement

When I was getting Thea dressed, I got out a dress, held it up, asking “Do you want to wear this dress?” Her eyes lit up,…

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