Creating a Shared Bedroom with Bunk Beds

Do you have space for a playroom in your house? We don’t, but I have come up with a way of making the space, by putting Ava and Thea in the same shared bedroom with bunk beds. Until last week, Ava (7) and Thea (5) each had their own room. Ava’s was a large double, whilst Thea’s can only be described as a box room. I’ve been thinking about putting them in the same room for about six months but was worried they would fight, or not sleep. My sister and I used to have a shared bedroom with bunk beds, and we loved it. I hope our girls will like it just as much, and am fairly confident they will, as they are such good friends. A Small Shared Bedroom with Bunk Beds I initially considered putting bunk beds in Ava’s big room. Then I realised it made much more sense to create a shared bedroom with bunk beds in Thea’s small room. To give you an idea of the space, this was Thea’s room a couple of years ago, wasn’t it cute? It was my favourite room. Then she had a single IKEA Kura mid-sleeper bed instead of her toddler bed. I’d always planned to make it into cute little house bed, but we never got round to it. We managed to keep her wardrobe and chest of drawers on the other side of a narrow gangway. I also gave them a quick update with some paper tablecloths, which you can read about here if you like.  How the Bedroom Started Out Do you want to see how the room looked when we moved in four years ago? Get ready, it’s not pretty… Ugh it’s giving me a migraine just looking at it! We painted the room in Crown’s Spotlight, a beautiful soft grey with a pinkish undertone, and got a new carpets and doors when we moved in. The Logistics of Creating a Shared Bedroom with Bunk Beds Over the Easter holidays, we put Thea’s mattress beneath Ava’s mid sleeper bed, to test it out. After the initial excitement, they slept well, so when our friend offered us their old bunk beds, it was time to implement my plan! Last weekend, we gave away Ava’s bed, and she slept on her mattress on the floor. Then we took down Thea’s bed, which is now her little cousin’s prize possession. Next, we put up the bunk beds. I say ‘we’. It was Ryan and my brother. I hoovered and kept the girls out of the way! It’s hard to get a good picture as the room is so small. It’s certainly cosy! If you read my blog regularly, you may notice that this room is more colourful than my normal taste. As much as I love the gorgeous monochrome kids’ rooms I see on Pinterest, once you get toys and book in there, it instantly gets colourful. So I have embraced it and used the matching flamingo bedding I got a few years back. The colourful pinwheels are from Amazon – you can buy them through my affiliate link here – they are only £6.99 for 6! Do the Girls Like Their Shared Bedroom with Bunk Beds? The girls are absolutely loving their ‘new’ shared bedroom with bunk beds. I was worried they would keep each other up in the evenings, or wake up too early. But so far, it’s been going really well. Ava’s enjoying reading to Thea, which is a little bit heart-melting for me. Ava has a light above her, which I bought from Creative Cables, mounted on an IKEA bracket I spray painted white. It’s securely fastened in several places with white cable ties so it will not budge. I made the lampshade at an Origami Est origami workshop, and I have a kit for a matching big shade which I hope to make soon. We thought the light might keep Thea awake but actually it’s nice and dark beneath the top bunk, so Ava staying up reading hasn’t disturbed her at all. It didn’t take long for them to work out that they can hang a duvet over the rail to create a den. It’s so cute waking up to them chatting and laughing together.  So I am calling this a triumph, particularly as it hasn’t cost us anything, or resulted in any waste, thanks to the joy of hand-me-downs! SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave