How to Set Up Your Home Office for Success

If you’ve been following along with me for a while, you’ll know I am a freelance copywriter. Going freelance was absolutely the best thing for me, as it has allowed me so much flexibility to work around the girls school and activities, and to write my beloved blog. Not to mention being around for the girls after school, and being able to take them to ballet, swimming and brownies. There are several things I’ve learned about being self-employed, and how to set up a home office space is one of the most important things. Recently, our home office has got ridiculously messy and cluttered, and I’ve started working at the breakfast bar in the kitchen as I can’t face the chaos. So over the summer holidays, I’ve tackled the office and restored a sense of calm and organisation. I’ve also been gifted some lovely new stationery from Got2Jot to help me get back on track and set up my home office for success again. Even if you’re not self-employed, these tips would also work for you if you’re setting up a little space for your hobbies, or general life admin. Here are my top tips to set up your home office for success… I think I’ve covered everything you need to set up your home office, but please let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas! A Neutral Colour Scheme I personally like a monochrome scheme as it lends itself so well to most looks. It’s also not too distracting! I have broken up the black and white with copper and gold accents, and a few pops of pastel shades, which I’ve used sparingly. Large Desks We have managed to cram not one, but two IKEA desks into our office, one corner one which houses our Mac and a smaller one for reading, writing and (one day, if I ever get time) using my sewing machine. We just have one chair that swivels between the desks, to save space. Simple Storage When you’re planning a home office, I firmly believe you can never have too much storage. Ours is all from IKEA, with a combination of kids’ cupboards and ALEX office storage. As it’s all white with cut out handles, it works well together. I just wish I had a way to cover up the ugly printer, it does kind of stick out! I store my wrapping paper in an oversized vase. Gorgeous Organisation from Got2Jot I am a massive list-maker, so I need notebooks and desk pads to scribble down notes and to dos. This monochrome weekly planner from Got2Jot (£7.50) is ideal for keeping me on track. I can fit all of the kids activities on there, as well as my own. The ‘don’t forget’ section is probably the one I use most. Now my girls are at school, I’ve started to think in academic years again. So my big academic wall planner by Doodlelove (£11.50) is so useful for seeing where you need to be at a glance. I am an eternal optimist when it comes to time, so I have been known to over-commit and then get stressed. Seeing how many weeks there are in a term will help me be realistic about what I have time to achieve, and say ‘no’ a bit more. It works much better than a week, or even month to view calendar for me. A Great Notebook and Pencils I wouldn’t get far without a notebook. This softbound black notebook from Got2Jot (£12.99) has extra tools to keep you organised, including planners and pockets. Do you prefer pens or pencils? I love a Sharpie, but I tend to write in pencil, rather than biro. These beautiful metallic black and gold pencils (£7.99) are just the ticket for my monochrome theme.  Motivation I am a big believer in seeing positive messages, so much of my wall art has little messages of encouragement and words of wisdom. Whatever you choose for your home office, I think it needs to be personal and cheerful. I have a mix of inspirational cards from Got2Jot (£8.95 for 50 postcards) and framed pictures with a few photos. What are you up to today? For us, it’s the first proper day of the school holidays. The girls went downstairs to watch ‘Cheese Sponge’ as Thea calls ‘Sponge Bog Square Pants’, letting me lie in until 8.30. I’ve tidied up my desk so I can actually see it now, and planned out our week with a leisurely cup of loose leaf #tea ☕️ Our week is shaping up quite nicely don’t you think? Sorry to be smug but I think I *may* be #livingmybestlife 😂 (I obvs haven’t put any of the dull tasks like washing, food shopping, cooking etc on my plan, I don’t want to ruin it 😉) Also I am doing a proper clear out of the office and you can swipe to see the most random thing I found in the cupboard so far. I honestly have no idea why we have it or where it came from but I suspect it must be from my uni days (hoarder much?)🤷🏻‍♀️ Answers on a post card please! {Day 23 of #myhousethismonth for T is tea} {Desk planner, pencil and #thinkhappythoughts card gifted by @got2jot} #mydesk #mydesktoday A post shared by Becky | Copywriter & Blogger (@pinkscharming) on Jul 23, 2018 at 3:55am PDT As a constant faffer, my shelf gets rearranged regularly, but this is how it looks at the moment. You can read more about my prints here, and the our wedding photo here. Light and Shade Our office get a lot of sun in the morning which makes it hot in summer (though oh so cosy in winter). We installed a white wooden blind, so we can filter out the sun and see the computer screen. I got a gorgeous copper desk lamp to light up the second desk. I bought mine from an independent shop but they have since closed down sadly. You can buy it … Continue reading How to Set Up Your Home Office for Success