How To Make Over A Window with Frosted Window Film

Net curtains. Are you a fan? I’m not really, but I do like the privacy they give. So I’ve tried out a more modern, sleek alternative, in the form of frosted window film, and I think it’s the way forward. Read on to find out how to make over a window with gorgeous frosted window film from Inkmill Vinyl Ava’s room overlooks our road, so we have been debating adding some kind of net curtain arrangement for a while. Because she has a dormer window, I couldn’t figure out how to add a curtain pole. Plus I didn’t want to anyway! Inkmill Vinyl asked if I’d like to review their window film, I thought it could be the perfect solution*. It’s pretty easy to apply, and you can remove it (if you want to) but it gives the look of frosted glass. Choosing Frosted Window Film to Makeover Ava’s Window The biggest challenge when making over a window with window film is choosing the pattern! Inkmill Vinyl have a really wide selection of window films, including lots of lovely designs for children’s rooms, so it took a while to decide on the best one. I debated on a lovely cloud design, but finally chose this Grass and Cornflower design. I love the way it covers just the bottom of the window. The whimsical design is perfect for a child’s room, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.   How To Make Over A Window with Window Film Step 1: Order your Window Film and Gather Your Kit Measure your windows carefully. I did it twice as I don’t have the best track record with measuring! You can input the measurements straight into the Inkmill Vinyl website, and it tells you how much the window film will be. Place your order and a few days later your window film arrives rolled up in a tube with a squegee. You’ll also need masking tape, a spray bottle and a scalpel, ruler and cutting mat, or scissors. You can see the design coming through the backing paper here. I’m not sure why it’s red, but don’t worry, it’s just on the paper, not on the window film. Step 2: Cut Your Window Film to Size Our window film came in one continuous length, so we needed to cut the window film into three sections. The backing paper has a grid on the back so that makes it easier to make sure you have a straight line. You could easily use scissors to cut the window film, but we used a knife for a crisp edge. We also needed to trim a few centimetres off the bottom of the two side pieces, as the window frame is higher. Step 3: Stick Up Your Window Film Carefully position your window film, with the grid facing the window. You may need to use a spirit level or ruler. Stick it with masking tape to form a hinge. Use the squeegee provided, or a credit card, to press down all over the design. Then lift up the design and stick the top to the window frame with masking tape. Peel off the backing paper slowly, and spritz the window with water mixed with a drop of washing up liquid mixed in. Carefully smooth the sticky design down over the window, starting from the top. Smooth it down with the squeegee, working down and out to make sure there are no bubbles. Then comes the most nerve-wracking part: peeling the other backing paper away. The instructions say to work from the top down. We found it much easier to peel away from the bottom for this particular design, as it is more solid across the bottom, and more delicate across the top. If the film gets stuck to the backing paper instead of the window, just pop it down over the film again, go over it with the squeegee and it comes off the second time. Finally, just go over the window film with the squeegee to make sure you don’t have any air bubbles. Stand back and admire your handiwork! How Long Does It Take to Apply Window Film? I was quite nervous about tackling such a large window for our first attempt at applying window film, but it was much easier than I had feared! It is definitely a two person job. It took about an hour and a half to apply, with two of us. I think that would be quicker the next time, as we have got the hang of it now. We started with the biggest piece in the middle pane, and did that together, and each did a side panel by ourselves. The Finished Window Film I am very pleased that we managed to makeover Ava’s window so quickly and fairly easily. Ava is really happy with her window makeover, as she can still look through the gaps and spy on the street. I think it’s so pretty, especially during sunset when it glows beautifully.  I love the shadows the window film casts onto the landing wall – very blurry but still recognisable in a lovely golden sunset glow. Thank you Inkmill Vinyl for creating such a gorgeous product. I’m already eyeing up other windows to get the Inkmill treatment! Have you thought about using window film to make over a window? Why not Pin my guide for later?     SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave