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Save Energy at Home with Energenie Smart Plugs

When I was growing up, my dad would go around the house turning off the lights in empty rooms. Now it’s my turn! We have been on an energy saving drive for a few years. Our Live Lagom energy saving project with IKEA was a great start, but we are always looking for new ways to save energy at home. We’ve been sent a set of Energenie Smart Plugs to test*.

GIVEAWAY ENDED.Save Energy at Home with Energenie MiHome Gateway Smart Plugs

The Energenie MiHome System

The Energenie MiHome Smart system lets you control your heating, lighting and appliances from your phone, via a free app. You’ll need to have a compatible heating system, which we don’t, but it’s working a treat on our appliances.  Our set comes with an Energenie MiHime Gateway, which is the hub of the system and plugs into your internet. We also received three MiHome Adapters and a remote control, which has a battery included. How To Save Energy at Home with Energenie MiHome Smart Plugs and Gateway

I just got them out of the box, and downloaded the free MiHome App on my phone and plugged everything in. There is a QR code printed on the Gateway so you just scan it in and it pairs with it. The white box is inconspicuous on our white TV unit, and about half the size of our Apple TV box.

There are lots of other things you can buy to extend the Energenie MiHome System, and it’s compatible with the Alexa.Save energy at home with the Energenie MiHome Gateway

How the Energenie MiHome System Helps You Save Energy at Home

Having electrical on standby is a well known energy sapper. I’m using one of my smart plugs near my bed where I plug in my phone charger. You can set your smart plugs to turn on and off on a time, using the free app. I have it set to turn on at 10, when I normally go to bed, and off at 1am, as it takes about three hours to charge an iPhone, according to Google. This should save us electricity and power, as before, I have to confess I had it plugged in all night.

We have put one smart plug under Ava’s bed, so we can control her over bed light both on the timer, and also we can just turn it on and off though the app on my phone. Ava thinks it’s a bit magic.

The third smart plug controls the light next to the sofa, and we have set it to go on at 7 and off at 10. This will be great for when we go away, making it look like someone is in. You can set it to go on and off every day, or select just a few.

We plan to put our Christmas lights on one of the smart plugs, which should make it a lot easier to control them!

You can buy the Energenie MiHome Gateway Smart Plug Set at Amazon* for £62.99 (worth £79.99) at the moment.




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    15th November 2017 at 4:00 pm

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      17th November 2017 at 11:06 am

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