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Five things I love right now: September

1. Ziggurats Card by Clare Johnson. I was so excited to find this lovely card in a gift shop in Suffolk, as it features the University of East Anglia’s legendary Ziggurauts. I lived in these sixties buildings when I was a first year at UEA, and they hold some very happy memories. The Ziggurats are listed because of their architectural importance. But apparently there was a slight problem when they first opened them, as they had somehow forgotten to put toilets in! This may be an urban legend, but I think it could be true as the toilets are really small. In a claustrophobia-inducing way. I’m looking for a nice frame to pop the picture in.Ziggurats print by Claire Johnson

2. GAP tights. I love them. We have bought the lovely knitted ones with a bear print on the bottom since Ava was tiny, and I got these apple and striped beauties in the sale this month. As you can see, the girls are pretty pleased with them.Ava and Thea in GAP apple tights

3. Having a boy in the family. My nephew was born this month, so we are all very excited. And it’s such a nice change buying boys’ clothes for once. Sainsbury’s have some lovely things, I think Jack will look great in them. My brother was a dinosaur expert when he was a kid, so I think he will like these dinoprint sleep suits and dribble bibs. Boys' baby clothes from Sainsbury's4. My friend’s flamingo scarf. Regular readers will know that I am a flamingo nut. So I was really excited that an old school friend sent me this lovely scarf that she never wears, after seeing how much I love the cheerful pink birds. Thank you Rosie xNavy and pink flamingo scarf
5. Pizza Express. We enjoyed a lovely meal here at the weekend. And because we used the Sainsbury’s vouchers that I traded some Nectar points for, we only had to pay for drinks. Win! the girls love it in there as they get stickers and colouring-in to do. And they love the ‘do dos’ which is dough balls, according to Ava. We got each of them an adult sized pizza as that was what the vouchers were for and they each ate more than half, leaving some to take home. When I got back and put the box in the fridge, I noticed that the waitress had even put the nibbled crusts into the box, but I don’t think we’ll be eating them!



  1. Mary @TheHeartyLife

    30th September 2015 at 7:38 pm

    Oh I love it when you get restaurant vouchers – I love that feeling of getting the bill, handing it over and paying next to nothing for an amazing meal! Pizza express is gorge too – good choice!
    The girls tights are brilliant – when im back on my feet will tots have to check some out for Megsie.

    How kind of your friend to send you that scarf – enjoy x

    1. Becky Pink

      1st October 2015 at 1:45 pm

      Thanks Mary, I hope you are getting over the worst of it now. I think Megsie would look super cute in the tights, she’s such a poppet xx

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