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Half term highlights

As it’s half term, I’ve had a whole week with Ava and Thea, and two days with just Ava, which has been delicious.

We’ve been to a great cowboy-themed party, our favourite playgroup, seen the world-famous Olney Pancake Race, been to play with friends and had friends over, been to meet up with some of my university friends and their little ones, had a great family meal at my mum’s house, and even had a very wet treasure hunt in the garden, with chocolate coins from Christmas as the prizes.

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Ava has been very excited to show off her fashion sense by choosing her own outfits. Here are some highlights…

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Thea is at nursery two days a week all year, so I somewhat guiltily dropped her off on Thursday, knowing that I was taking Ava to play at her friend’s house in the morning, and then shoe shopping at The Centre MK.

Shoe shopping is Thea’s all-time-favourite activity, even though she’s not even two yet! This was her first shoe shopping experience, and she’s been as excited at every fitting since.

Thea and Ava shoe shopping

We bought Ava’s first school shoes, and went to the John Lewis cafe afterwards, to use my free tea and cake voucher. Free cake tastes even better!

Ava had fun running along the marble benches at the shopping centre, and hiding in the little nooks of the supporting columns, just as I used to do when I was her age.

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Then we had a quick look at some dinosaurs in ‘the new bit’ of the shopping centre. You can tell I’m Milton Keynes born and bred, as I still call it this, despite the extension being built 15 years ago!

I’ve also had time to try some new recipes, including toad in the hole, an easy peasy chicken pie, (find the recipe, along with a few others on my Pinterest page here) which went down much better than last week’s fish pie (read about that here!) It looked awful but tasted good. Ava helped me to use the rest of the pastry to make two mini plum pies, which went down very well (with a small scoop of ice cream), and helped make up for the disappointment of the fish pie.

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It’s back to pre-school tomorrow, and we’ve actually remembered to do the homework, yay! And maybe a bit of a rest… Fat chance!

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