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Enjoying a Roast at the Toby Carvery Northampton

Our kitchen is under construction at the moment, as we wait for the new plaster to try before the new one arrives. We’re doing the washing up in the bath and the house is covered in dust. So the offer of a meal to review* at the recently refurbished Tony Carvery in Northampton couldn’t have come at a better time! It was also Thea’s 4th birthday, and roast dinners are her favourite.


The girls love nothing more than a roast dinner, so they were over the moon with their lunches. Just look at those grins!

Ryan and I had roasts too, though there are alternatives to choose from (the full menu is on their website).

Menus at the Toby Carvery


We went at midday on a Saturday and it was quite quiet, so we didn’t have to queue for long. By the time we left though, it was pretty busy, so I think it would be worth booking ahead, especially if you went on a Sunday.

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I got the standard sized roast, with gammon and roast beef. Ryan opted for the King Sized one, with an extra big plate. It reminded us of the Alan Partridge episode where Alan uses his own big plate at the Travel Tavern restaurant.

Anyway, I digress! We both really enjoyed the carvery, especially the giant Yorkshire puddings!What a Yorkshire puddingThere were plenty of vegetables on offer, as well as the usual trimmings like stuffing, mashed and roast potatoes and cauliflower cheese. I found the beef a little on the dry side, but the gravy helped.

We didn’t quite manage to finish them, but gave it a good try!


Even though we had eaten enormous lunches, we managed to squeeze in some puddings. Ryan had apple crumble and custard, which he really enjoyed. I tasted a bit and it was really cinnamony, yum! I had treacle pudding and ice cream. The ice cream was Mr Whippy-style, which isn’t my favourite, so I just had a little bit. They thoughtfully put it in a separate dish, so that it didn’t melt too quickly, which was great as the pudding was really hot! Treacle pudding at Toby Carvery Northampton
The girls had ice cream sundaes that they made themselves, which they loved. They chose their sauce and then added their marshmallows, popping candy and honeycomb pieces.

The waitress popped a candle into a mini brownie in Thea’s dessert and she and a colleague came and sang “Happy Birthday” and gave the girls a balloon each, which we thought was a nice touch.

Our meal at the Tony Carvery Northampton came to just under £50 for the four of us. I had a glass of wine and a soft drink, and Ryan had a soft drink and a cappuccino. We all had desserts too, though next time I would probably just have the main course, as it was a LOT of food! We thought it was great value, and a really nice relaxed atmosphere, with helpful staff.

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