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The Game-Changing Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair, for Good

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Unwanted hair. It can be a real confidence-killer, can’t it. I’ve always been jealous of my fair-haired friends, who can whip their legs out at a moment’s notice, without having to prep for hours beforehand. The same for girls who are happy to go unshaven, like the ones who are not shaving during ‘Januhairy’ – more power to them! But personally, I want smooth, hair-free legs, without the razor burn, stubble rash, ingrown hairs, unbearably itchy regrowth, and the extra-long “I’m shaving my legs today” shower or bath!

I have made a game-changing discovery: the SmoothSkin Muse IPL hair removal system. I’ve been testing it for six months, so read my SmoothSkin Muse review to find out if it does rid of unwanted hair, for good!

All About SmoothSkin Muse

SmoothSkin Muse is an IPL hair removal system, which comes in a smart black storage box.

SmoothSkin Muse IPL Hair Remover

It comes with a power lead, a silky storage bag, a book of instructions, and a guarantee card. The SmoothSkin Muse is designed and made here in the UK, and has a 90 day money-back guarantee, and 2 years’ manufacturers’ warranty against faults. Unlike some one IPL devices, it has unlimited flashes, so it won’t run out.

What's in the box with the SmoothSkin Muse IPL Hair Remover

The machine is bigger than I was expecting, but fits nicely in my hand and is easy to hold and move over my skin. It has a power button, a ‘feather’ button which is the gentler, lower power mode, and the main button which you press to make the machine flash. You can press it each time, which is great for small areas, or hold it down and glide it over your skin, which is ideal for large areas.

How to use the SmoothSkin Muse to get rid of unwanted hair

How To Use the SmoothSkin Muse

Shave and dry the area you want to treat. Plug in your SmoothSkin Muse and simply glide it over your body, holding the main button down. Go slowly and evenly, being careful not to overlap or miss bits. It flashes every second, so you move it after the flash and wait for the next one.

Hold the SmoothSkin Muse at right angles to your skin. Look for the white lights up the side to be all lit up before you press the big button. If they are only lit half way up, it does still work but at a lower power, so you want to get all of the lights if you can.

Using the SmoothSkin Muse to get rid of unwanted hair for good
The white lights up the side need to be illuminated for the SmoothSkin Muse to work.

As you have to have freshly shaved skin for the SmoothSkin Muse to work, I tend to do my face, underarms and bikini line after shaving in the shower. Then I do my legs in the evening whilst watching TV.

SmoothSkin Muse: The Game-Changing Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair, for Good

The SmoothSkin website says it should take 20 minutes to treat your whole body, but I would say it takes between 45 minutes and an hour to do legs, bikini line, underarms, upper lip and chin.

What is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL Hair Removal is designed to help break the cycle of hair growth by targeting the hair root or follicle.

  • Light energy is transferred through the skin’s surface and is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair shaft
  • The absorbed light energy is converted to heat energy (below the surface of the skin), which stops further hair growth
  • Treated hairs naturally fall out over the course of a few days to 1-2 weeks.

So does IPL get rid of unwanted hair permanently?

SmoothSkin say, “With regular maintenance treatments to catch any pesky new hairs – yes! IPL will continue to prevent regrowth as long as you keep treating regularly. As for ALL home-use IPL or laser treatments, one treatment won’t last forever and it’s crucial that you stay on top of top-ups.”

I haven’t been using it long enough to know if the hair will come back yet.

Does it hurt?

I don’t think it hurts. I have seen IPL described as a similar feeling to a rubber band being snapped on your skin, but actually it doesn’t even hurt that much. For me, I can barely feel it on bony areas, but find it a bit painful on fleshy parts like my thighs. I used the feather setting on my thighs to start with, but then worked out that if I stand up, it’s less painful for some reason. But when I say ‘pain’ it’s really not bad at all. Nothing compared to waxing. Or epilating, which is basically just slow waxing. OUCH!

Tips for Using the SmoothSkin to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

  1. Commit to doing the treatment on the same day every week. I chose Sunday nights as I rarely go out then.
  2. Do each area in the same order so you don’t miss any parts. For example I do my lower left leg, then lower right leg, upper left leg then upper right leg. I start in the centre of my ankle, and work round, starting working up to my knee.
  3. Shave thoroughly and do your treatment as soon as you can afterwards. The laser may be damaged by stubble so if you get the equivalent of a 5 o’clock shadow, you’ll be best doing it straight away. If you’re treating your face and underarms, which I did, you need clean skin, with no make-up or deodorant.
  4. Use the highest setting if you can. I used the ‘feather’ setting on the top half of my legs for the first few months, as I was finding it slightly painful. But that means the results haven’t been as good.
  5. Resist the urge to tweeze! I cannot resist, which has slowed down the results on my face. So please, step away from the tweezers!

So Have I Got Rid of My Unwanted Hair?

I have been taking pictures of my progress so you can see the results for yourself. I have been using it for six months now, every week.

Results on Unwanted Leg Hair

The first picture was taken before my first treatment, after 1 week of not shaving my legs. The second picture was taken six months later, a week after my last treatment. There are some hairs left, but it has made a huge difference. I would estimate at a 90% reduction in hair.

Before and after using SmoothSkin Muse for six months
I took these pictures of my leg before I started my treatment, and after 6 months. You can really see the difference!

Results on Unwanted Bikini Line Hair

I have had even more success with my bikini line. There are a few stragglers left but most of it has gone.

Bikini line after using SmoothSkin Muse for 6 months
My bikini line after 6 months of treatment – virtually hair-free.

The main thing I am excited about, is that there is no irritation, ingrown hairs or bumps to contend with, which is a huge difference.

Results on Armpit

My underarms still have a way to go, as you can see. Again this picture was taken after six months of weekly treatments. There are some hair-free areas but some patches that need more work.

So, I still have a way to go, especially on my thighs and face – it’s certainly not an overnight thing, but I could see results after just six weekly treatments. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get rid of all my unwanted hair using the SmoothSkin Muse, but I am still really pleased with the results. It’s much quicker and easier to shave the areas that are still patchy, than it was to shave everywhere!

The Game-Changing Magic of SmoothSkin Muse

There are some game-changing benefits to getting rid of my unwanted hair:

  • Ripped jeans no longer give me the horrors
  • I can wear rolled up jeans without having to quickly shave my ankles, even in winter!
  • The awful scratch-your-skin-off itchiness that happens a day or two after shaving is almost gone
  • I don’t need to give my legs a day or two off shaving to recover anymore
  • My bikini line is no longer riddled with painful bumps and spots
  • I’ve broken up with my tweezers (apart from my eyebrows)
  • The ingrown hairs are gone
  • No 5 o’clock stubble on my legs

On my recent holiday to Malta, I was able to wear a bikini every day, with no ‘days off’ for my skin to recover. I was still shaving, but only every three days, and it was a lot quicker and easier.

We go away this week to Florida and although I am taking my razor, which I get from Friction Free Shaving (see my review here) I won’t be using it as much as usual. I estimate I’ll need to use it a maximum of one a week, and twice on my arm pits. It will also be much quicker!

SmoothSkin Muse gets rid of unwanted hair for good

Are there any downsides?

There are a few minor downsides to report:

  • It’s really weird shaving my face
  • My skin is a little dryer than normal
  • There is a very slight burning smell when you use it
  • You have to turn the TV up a bit to hear it as it makes a whirring sound
  • It’s a bit hard to use on the face as it’s so big
  • Knees are also a trouble spot as it’s hard to get a flat surface for the laser to work

It’s dull doing the treatment, but it’s easy, and it’s great that I can do it at home.

This is not the treatment for you if you’re impatient or slapdash. It’s time consuming and it takes a good few weeks to start seeing results. You have to be accurate and methodical in sliding the device over your skin, as you want to make sure you don’t miss any sections and also not do any part twice. I have done that a few times and it stings a bit, but no lasting damage.

SmoothSkin Muse Review: The Game-Changing Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair, for Good

I have had IPL treatments at a salon in the past, but they only lessened the hair growth temporarily. Once those very expensive treatments stopped, the hair grew right back. That may well happen with the SmoothSkinMuse. But if it does, I’ll just ramp up my own treatments again, at no extra cost.

You can buy the SmoothSkin Muse here for £299 and if you start now, you could get rid of your unwanted hair by summer!

I hope you found my SmoothSkin Muse review helpful, why not Pin it for later?

SmoothSkin Muse Review: the game-changing way to get rid of unwanted hair

{Ad-Review} Product gifted for my honest review. Contains Affiliate links.


  1. Anonymous

    3rd August 2019 at 10:03 pm

    I have this and have only used it twice so far. It says it is a single user only device. Is there any harm in another family member using this too? I’m thinking if a salon had a similar device then it would have multiple users so why does it stipulate single user for the Muse? I’d really appreciate your honest feedback. Thanks, Joanna.

    1. Becky Pink

      3rd August 2019 at 10:21 pm

      Thanks for reading Joanna, I don’t know the answer to that as I’m the only one in our family to need/want to use it. But I can’t think of any reason why not unless there is an open wound or skin infection that could be catching. I’d say to email them though to be on the safe side x

  2. Claire Armstrong

    10th January 2019 at 8:40 pm

    I’m tempted to try it, but as I’m fair haired I’m not convinced it will work with my hair.

    1. Becky Pink

      10th January 2019 at 8:43 pm

      This one is supposed to work with most hair colours and skin tones, there is a chart on their website if you wanted to check it out. But yes, as I am very pale with dark hair I think I have the best chance of getting good results! Xx

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