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Getting Creative at a Screen Printing and Origami Workshop

Have you ever tried screen printing? I recently got to try it out, at a brilliant screen printing and origami workshop with Flat 102 and Origami Est, at Oh My Cakery in Milton Keynes. So screen printing, origami and delicious hand made cakes all at once, it’s like they made my dream event! Here is a little review, so you can see if you want to try it too! Spoiler alert: if you like making things, you will LOVE this workshop!

Origami diamond and spinner with hand screen-printed neon pink and gold design

What Happens at the Screen Printing Part of the Workshop

The screen printing and origami workshop was run by Steph from Flat 102 and Est from Origami Est. We were taught how to screen print our own design onto paper. Then we folded them into origami diamonds and spinners.

Screen printing and origami workshop with Flat 102 and Origami Est

There were plenty of delicious cakes and treats on offer throughout the morning.

Delicious macarons and meringues at Oh My Cakery

Steph gave us practice sheets to get used to cutting out paper, to make stencils. I have done quite a lot of paper cutting before, but it was good to have a reminder.

Becky Pink practicing cutting paper at a Flat 102 screen printing workshop

Next we cut out practice designs on to normal paper. And then cut them on to special waterproof paper that wouldn’t disintegrate when the ink goes through it. We could design whatever pattern we liked. But for origami, a repeating graphic pattern rather than a picture-type of image works best.

Steph and Est brought along some books of patterns for inspiration. I made a simple design of rectangle “sprinkes” and dots in a random pattern. The hardest part was choosing which paint colours to use!

Screen printing materials at a Flat 102 screen printing workshop

I did the dots first, using gold paint. The first layer has to dry before printing the second colour, but luckily Steph brought hairdryers. My second colour is neon pink.

As I’m quite a perfectionist, I was a bit sad when one of my prints didn’t come out perfectly. I didn’t press down hard enough so it barely showed up. I went over it and it looked OK but not perfect. There was also a gold paint spatter. Est assured me it wouldn’t show up in the finished pieces, and she was right.

Screen printing is quite hard work – you have to press really hard and go over the screen several times to get a good print. Steph uses clamps in her studio, but she and Est helped us to hold the frames whilst we printed.

What Happens at the Origami Part of the Workshop

After all our designs were dry, and we’d eaten more cake, Est cut our paper into squares. Then she showed us how to make origami diamonds with our hand-printed origami paper. These are some pictures of the process.

My Finished Origami

Est was right, when I folded my origami, I was able to hide some of the mistakes. I am so happy with how they turned out! The neon paint almost glows.

Neon pink and gold hand screen printed origami diamonds and spinners made at a Flat 102 and Origami Est workshop

About Flat 102

Flat 102 is run by talented screen printer Steph, and was created to “bring a colourful and uplifting dose of cheerfulness to your home. And remind you just how awesome you really are.”

Steph from Flat 102 at her screen printing and origami workshop

Steph hand prints her gorgeous products at home, using eco-friendly inks. I have quite a few of her pieces in my home, including a lovely print in my girls’ play room, and this lush neon heart. You can find the Flat 102 shop here.

About Origami Est

Origami Est is run by origami genius Esther. Her origami has featured in Mollie Makes magazine several times, and she has a fab book too. You can buy ready folded origami from her shop here, or learn to fold your own with kits, or at her workshops.

Est from Origami Est teaching an origami workshop

I have been to a couple of Origami Est workshops. I made fairy lights, which you can read about here, and a cute mini lampshade, which you can read about here.

How to Book a Screen Printing and Origami Workshop

Steph and Est have fairly regular screen printing and origami workshops, both separately and together. Find Steph’s screen printing workshops here. Find Est’s origami workshops here. I highly recommend them, they are the perfect way to get creative and come home with something beautiful, that you’ve made yourself. Both Step and Est are great, patient teachers, and explain things so well. I can’t think of a nicer way to spend the morning!

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