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Ava and Thea’s August: Wild Animals, a Lost Tooth, and a Holiday in Cornwall

Our August has whizzed by, and now we are getting ready to get back to our routine, as Ava goes back to school and Thea starts school. Part of me is incredibly sad, as this is a real watershed moment. But there other part of me is looking forward to getting some work done! I had a long list of things I wanted to achieve over the holidays, and I don’t think I’ve managed any of them!

The girls have had a great time on their summer break and we’ve enjoyed some great days out, both locally around Milton Keynes, and further afield.

Milton Keynes Based Fun

As well as a great day at Gulliver’s Land, which you can read about here, we also went to Woburn Safari Park with my whole family. We saw loads of great animals of course, but this is my favourite picture – the girls’ bottoms as they leant over the back seat looking at monkeys! Ava and Thea on safari

The penguins were also a favourite, especially with Thea. Thea watching penguins at Woburn Safari Park

We also had fun on the train.On the train at Woburn Safari Park

Swimming Lessons

The girls have started swimming lessons. Here they are in their swimming hats. He he this makes me laugh so much. Ava and Thea in swimming caps

Fun in Bristol

We went down to Cornwall for a week, and decided to book a night in a hotel on the Friday, to break up that loooong journey. We met up with one of my best friends, who live there, and went to @Bristol Science Centre @Bristol Science Centre. This is a fun interactive science museum, so Ryan was in his element!Ryan putting a body together at @Bristol

Ava liked ‘meeting’ a space man and we all loved the silent disco (sadly no pictures as it was really dark!)Ava and a spaceman at @Bristol

Thea and I liked the lights and shadows and the wobbly mirrors best.

We stayed in a hotel that night and the girls shared a bed. They finally fell asleep and looked so cute cuddled up together. Ava and Thea sleeping

After-hours Theatre at The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Last year, we went to a fantastic immersive theatre experience near St Ives, which you can read about here. This year the Rogue Theatre Company had a week long after-hours slot at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. So we had to go!

It was just as magical as last time and the girls sat and watched really nicely, as they were mesmerised! It started at about 6pm so I was a bit worried, but they were good. We left just before the end so missed the dancing, but we still had to drive for an hour to our holiday flat.

St Ives Fun

We have been to St Ives in Cornwall for the past four or five years, and know the area really well now. Normally we stay slightly out of town, but this year we found a holiday flat (with parking!) in the town so that meant we didn’t really need to leave! The flat itself was not in any way luxurious but it was OK for a week.

We spent quite a few days on the many beaches St Ives has to offer, there are at least four! The weather was mainly dry but not that hot, so I was mostly sitting in my jumper watching them!

They do like to have a little dig. It’s especially good for warming up after a bracing dip in the #sea 🌊 

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We even saw a Mermaid click on the arrow on the right of the picture to see her!)

These two are looking for mermaids… swipe to see if we found one!

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We did two day trips, the first to Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary, which you can read about here. We met a penguin which was super exciting!Thea and Ava stroking a penguin

The second was to the Eden Project, which you can read about here Eden Project, which you can read about here.

Ava’s First Visit from The Tooth Fairy

Half way through the week, Ryan ‘helped’ Ava’s extremely wobbly tooth to come out. It was a relief, as it was making eating difficult. She was so excited. She left a note for the Tooth Fairy and hoped she’s find her even though we weren’t at home.

She wanted fairy dust, but as a back up asked for money, even suggesting the amount! I said that wasn’t the best manners, so she hastily added a “please”. Luckily, the Tooth Fairy managed to find her.

So that was our August! Phew! I’m looking forward to a bit of a rest when they go to school next week!








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