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Ava and Thea’s February: Hairstyling, Half Term and A Joke

February has been a busy month for us, not least because we have started on our kitchen renovation! We’ve also had half term, which was fun but hard work (for me!) The girls have had fun spotting snowdrops and we are all getting excited about the evenings being slightly less dark.


We have put some black protective flooring over our lounge floor whilst the kitchen is put in, and the girls loved rolling around on it. I discovered it makes a great backdrop for photos too!Ava pulling a funny face

Doesn’t Ava’s hair look great spread out like that? And speaking of hair… I found a few chunks of Thea’s on our table…
Thea's hair cut

There was some more on the floor too! When I asked her about it, she said ‘It’s just that I have too much hair!”

Ava also made a little hair salon, and did her first plait! I took a little video, she’s so funny with her hairdresser patter.


The weather was mixed over half term, so we spent a lot of time in the house, baking, playing with lego and watching the odd Disney film. Ava labelled her Play Doh drinks: Kofy, tea and Lemoneyd. You can see her jam tarts in the background!

Ava's play doh food

The girls helped me make and decorate these cakes. They tasted better than they look.

We baked misshaped #chocolate #cakes this morning. They taste OK though 😋 #allthesprinkles #bakingwithkids #messybutyummy

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I took them to Thrift Farm, a sweet little farm near Buckingham. They liked the Alpaca the best, he was so friendly and soft, even if his hair looks like Donald Trump’s.Ava and Thea with an Alpaca

We met #DonaldTrump today 😂 #Trump #donaldtrumphair

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They loved the little playground area and Ava spent ages gathering up ‘acorns’ in to her lunchbox."Ava


Ava left me this note, with a joke on it. Such funny spelling!


My musings over the kitchen have obviously rubbed off on Thea, as she came home with a collection of ’tiles’ that she’d made. What do you think?

And Ava made this great picture. I’m going to frame them both and put them in our new kitchen!Ava's gingerbreadman holding a heart

I hope you had a nice month? What have you been up to? Let me know in a comment, I’d love to know!

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