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Ava and Thea’s March: Dressing Up, A & E and Mother’s Day

We’ve had a crazy month, with our kitchen renovation (which is not going all that well, unfortunately.) We’ve been living on microwave meals and takeouts, with the occasional meal at a restaurant. We can’t wait for the kitchen to be finished, and even though the girls are coping really well, the disruption and dust is getting us all down. But we did have a brilliant glitter photoshoot with Sheree B Photography, which the girls loved. This is a sneak peek, and I’ll be showing you behind the scenes soon!Ava and Thea by Sheree B Photography


The girls loved World Book Day, where Ava went as Mary Poppins, and Thea went as Cinderella.

Ava as Mary Poppins for World Book Day

Thea as Cinderella for World Book Day


I am now the proud owner of a four year old! She was super excited to turn four, and I can’t believe how grown up she is now. She had a great time at her Pottery Painting Party, and has decided that now she is four, she can open the car door herself. So random.


We didn’t have as much fun last week though, when we got a call from nursery saying that Thea had fallen awkwardly and hurt her arm. Ryan took Thea to get it x-rayed and I took Ava to Tae Kwon Do and waited anxiously for news. It turned out to be dislocated so they managed to wrench it back in place. I was glad Ryan was there for that, I’m not sure I could have coped. Thea's x-rayShe was absolutely fine the next day, saying “I can move my arm again, the medicine worked!” It’s amazing how kids bounce back, isn’t it! Ava said she wished it had been her that hurt her arm, so that Little Thea didn’t have to be in pain. Isn’t that just the most lovely thing ever?


Ava left me the cutest note for Mother’s Day:

They woke me nice and early to give me all sorts of random bits and bobs they’d made/collected for me. So adorable. I managed to capture a picture of us all in our matching Unicorn T-shirts from Bear With Me. 10% of their profits go to bliss.org.uk, so I am really happy to support a great cause, and a mum boss, whilst wearing such a fab t-shirt!


Thea has learned a new song about gardening. She makes us laugh so much.

Have you had a good month? I hope so!

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