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Our January: Mess, Love Letters, Afternoon Tea and Home Improvements

I hope you’ve had a good January? Ours has been good, and we even had a few hours of snow which was fun. Here is a little about what we’ve been up to this month.

Ava and Thea

Ryan made American style pancakes one weekend, and the girls were in seventh heaven! Ava went for chocolate spread and bananas, Thea chose grapes, melon and honey. Yum!

Yummy pancakesWe had a great day with my cousins and their families and all went on a lovely (if slightly muddy) walk to Salcey Forest. Thea had more fun than it looks like in this first picture! It’s a great place for a little walk, and there is a cafe, though it was shut when we went (which is why Thea looks moody!)

Both Ava and Thea have been writing love letters to their best boy friends. Ava’s in particular was a real labour of love.

Love letter collageIsn’t Thea’s spelling of “you” brilliant?Love LetterThea also drew this wondeful portrait of Ryan, whilst Ava has been creating fan art for She-Ra!

Ava’s topic at school is ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’ so we had a go at making a Revolting Recipe. We had lots of leftovers from our mini New Year party, like Tex Mix dips, as well as all sorts of other stuff. They had a great time making it, I didn’t enjoy getting rid of it quite so much, as it stank! Making a mess!

Afternoon Tea at the Woburn Coffee House

Quite a few of my friends are turning forty this year, so we went for Afternoon Tea at Woburn Coffee House to celebrate. It’s such a pretty venue, and the food lived up to the decor. I was slightly disappointed they didn’t serve loose leaf tea though!

It was so great to have a few hours to relax and eat cake with friends.

Not Exactly a Gym Bunny

I was glad I went to the gym the morning of the afternoon tea! It’s kind of awful seeing how few calories it burns doing ten minutes on the rowing machine! I did fall off the gym wagon over Christmas. During January, I’ve been managing to go around three times a week, which I’m pretty pleased with. It’s one of my life and wellness goals to keep up the good work I started at David Lloyd during October and November. Alongside my normal Aqua Zumba, Pilates and Yoga, I am also doing more on the rowing machine and bike. I also nearly died at a PiYo class!

Home Improvements

I recently wrote about my goals for our house this year and we have managed to do a few little jobs already. I’m so pleased with these these gorgeous shelves from Vertbaudet. They are kids’ shelves but I think they look great in our kitchen.

I hope you’re having a great day? We have been busy putting up our new #shelves from @vertbaudetuk and so happy with how they look in our kitchen/diner. They are meant for a kid’s room but I think they have a lovely midcentury style. I may end up spraying the frame black at some point, but loving the pink at the moment as I have a blush pink wall in the dining area (it’s hard to see here but it’s the one with the botanical leaf print) and lots of pink accessories. This is Day 21 of #myhousethismonth with the theme collection. Ryan calls this my collection of “tat” 🙄 and I want to add more of these gorgeous jars @missprint_ltd Quaker Oats jars, but missed out on the promotion. Have you seen any for sale? You can expect to see a few more #shelfie shots as I faff about with styling it! What should I add/take away? #kitchendiner #ihavethisthingwithpink #homestyle

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I placed the highest bid in a charity auction for a Gayle Mansfield Design print. After quite a long time pondering the best one for the dining area, I chose this ‘Chop Chop’ one. It’s partly as we chop a lot of vegetables but mostly that I say it to the girls all the time to try and get them ready for school on time!

And finally I am loving my new IKEA side table. We needed a new one after our new sofa arrived, as it’s much longer than the old one.

I have been crazy busy with my freelance copywriting work – a bit too busy really! I thought it might be a bit quieter after the craziness of December, but it shows no sign of slowing down. Did you know I write an interiors column for a local magazine Celebrate: MK? You can read my latest column here.January House to Home Celebrate MK Column





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