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Ava and Thea’s July: The Last Week of School, Latitude Festival and Camping

July has been another crazy month for the Pink family! Here are a few highlights…

The End of School

The girls were really sad to leave their teachers at the end of school, so made them some very funny cards.

They both got glowing reports, and we couldn’t be prouder.
Ava and Thea's school reportsSo here they are on their first and last days of this school year, I can’t believe how much they’ve learned and developed since September!Ava and Thea at the start and end of school

We also had the last ballet class of the term and got to watch. Ava joined in with Thea and their cousin’s class too, and they looked so cute together.


Southwold and Latitude Festival

We went to Latitude Festival, near Southward in Suffolk. Ryan went to the whole festival, from Thursday to Monday, so I took the girls, and my sister Debbie, after school on Friday. I couldn’t face camping at a festival, so we took my dad’s camper van and stayed at a local campsite, called Haw Wood Farm, which I highly recommend. It has a fantastic kids’ play area, great wash block with hot showers, generous pitch sizes and a lovely cafe. Perfect. Before we went, we got the girls sleeping bags from Go Outdoors and they love them.


They didn’t sleep very much when we were away though, unfortunately.

We had a lovely day in Southwold on Saturday, playing on the beach and eating lovely food. And a very blue ice cream! Loads of people were smirking at us as we walked by, and I didn’t know why until I realised it had gone EVERYWHERE!

Then on Sunday, we went to the festival. There was a good line up of music but the girls were more interested in the food and the kids’ area, but did have a dance to the music too.

Early Morning Entertainment

One day we woke up to find Ava and Thea had made a carpet picnic breakfast for us all. Ava had got a mug and tea bag out for me (but knows she’s not allowed to touch the kettle!) Ryan made croissants from a can and we only got a *bit* of jam on the rug. We really do need to get a new one!

Another morning, they entertained themselves with the draw-on table cloth we won at a school fair.


A tablecloth you can draw on and wash off. Genius. We may go for PJs all day I think #Sunday 


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Camping Near Brighton

Last weekend, we went camping with a bunch of Ryan’s university friends. We drove down to Brighton and pitched a tent at The Mac’s Farm campsite, and luckily got the tent up before the heavens opened. Sadly the rain and wind were dreadful all night so we didn’t get a lot of sleep. It was sunny on Saturday morning so we had a nice breakfast.

The campsite have a reptile sanctuary on site, and they let kids handle the animals. They had giant snails, cockroaches, a lizard and a huge frog, amongst other things.Thea with a lizardIt was raining all afternoon and forecast to continue through the night. Noone fancied staying out in it, so our friends very kindly said we could go and stay with them as they live nearby.  Everyone ended up at their house for pizza on Saturday night.


We all went back to the campsite on Sunday to take the tents down. There was a fun kids’ activity in the woods that I took the girls to – they made clay animals and had fun in the mud kitchen.

The highlight of the weekend for Ava was meeting our friend’s puppy, Teddy. She is besotted and was in floods of tears on the way home as she missed him!Ava and Teddy

Phew, what a busy month! I’m hoping August will be a bit quieter to be honest!

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