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Ava and Thea’s October: Half Term Fun and Baking

We’ve come to the end of our half term week, and have been so lucky with the weather! We’ve been able to have some lovely days out, but I’m exhausted from it all, and ready for them to go back to school!

Pumpkin Hunting at Castle Ashby

We had a very fun day at Castle Ashby Gardens, with a large gang of friends. They all had such fun running about the grounds and sketching the pumpkin faces. They loved the prizes too.

More Pumpkin Hunting at Stowe Landscape Gardens

The next day, we went to Stowe Landscape Gardens, which is our closest National Trust property, and a firm favourite. We went with the girls’ best friends and they had such fun throwing leaves, looking for the pumpkins and building a giant jigsaw.

Thea loved sliding down a slope, so much that she wore through the back of her tights!

Everywhere you look at Stowe, there is a beautiful view.

If you are interested in other ideas of things to do with kids in and around Milton Keynes, check out this post for a bit of inspiration.

Thea’s Art Work

You’re probably used to seeing lots of Ava’s amazing creations, and now Thea is very  much following in her footsteps.

Den Building at Home

Thea and Ava have been using my poor arm-knitted blanket to make a den, with the clothes airer. Look how happy Thea is with it! I am less happy…

Home Baking

We did a bit of home baking one day, making scones and jam tarts. I forgot to take a picture of the finished jam tarts, but they tasted great! I can’t believe that Thea can now almost reach the counter with no need for a step, she’s so tall!

Milton Keynes 50th Birthday Celebration

Over the very windy weekend a few weeks ago, we went to Milton Keynes’ 50th birthday celebrations. It was fun, and coincided with Diwali, so there was a retelling of the story, with fireworks. Then a festival of fire in the centre. The girls loved walking on the closed off streets in the dark!

I hope you have had a great October too!

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