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Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

Ten years ago, I was excitedly getting my hair and make-up done, ahead of our wedding. My friend Shelley is also my hairdresser, but back then I hadn’t known her that long. She must have thought I was nuts, as my sister presented me with an amazing book that she and my best friends had made for me. I was hysterically laughing at it, whilst poor Shelley was trying to curl my hair. Luckily make-up was later, as I was crying with laughter.

Now, I guess I should write a load of slushy stuff about how much I love Ryan more today than I did ten years ago, and how he is the most fantastic dad and husband, yada yada yada. Of course this is all true, but he would really cringe. So instead, I’m just going to mark the occasion by sharing a few of my favourite photos of the big day, which were taken by our friend, the amazingly talented photographer Frazer Waller. Sorry if this is a bit self indulgent, but I’m really enjoying the trip down memory lane! Scroll down for the video…

Getting ready for the wedding

Mum had to help me into my dress

We got married at the church in the village where I grew up, and my dad walked me in. And, astonishingly, we were on time! Considering I am late for everything, I’m not sure how I managed this. Maybe because someone else did my hair and make-up?

After the church, we drove down to the field where we held the reception, in Ryan’s dad’s vintage car.

The Rainiest Wedding Ever

We had a couple of hours outside in blazing sun before the heavens opened and it rained for the rest of the afternoon and night. I spent most of the reception in my wellies, as it was so muddy.

Wellies and a wedding dress

Becky in a wedding dress and wellies

Photo by Debbie Fielding

My sister Debbie took this snap, check out the black clouds behind me!

All the rain meant everyone stayed in the marquee, so it was actually a good thing. It also made it very memorable, though a few people lost shoes in the quagmire. The mud outside our wedding


The rain at our wedding

Look at the mud!

So Many People Helped With Our Wedding

My best friends helped us loads, including designing the invitations, and icing a couple of hundred cupcakes for our wedding cake. We chose a traditional marquee with wooden poles, and my mum, sister and I made metres and metres of bunting from vintage fabric. My mother in law and mum grew loads of wildflowers to decorate the marquee. This was well before the days of Pinterest. Goodness only knows what kind of a Bridezilla I would be nowadays, with all that Pinspiration!Traditional Wedding Marquee

Pink and cream cupcake wedding cake

Photos by Debbie Fielding

We managed to keep our evening entertainment a surprise: an Elvis impersonator. He was hilarious.

Dancing to ElvisOur friend played Seventies funk late into the night, until the generator ran out!

My brother in law spent a lot of the evening pulling cars out of the mud in his Landcover. Oops!

We don’t actually have that many pictures, as our wedding was in the days before everyone had a camera phone. We actually had disposable cameras on the tables, how old skool does that sound? They didn’t turn out very well, sadly.

Luckily our friend Will was an early adopter of mobile technology and made this film. I hope you enjoy it!



  1. Angela Milnes

    6th July 2017 at 10:30 pm

    This is lovey and I really enjoyed reading about your wedding day. I think I want to write a post about mine soon! Thanks for sharing. You were so young when you married or at least looked it!

    1. Becky Pink

      10th July 2017 at 9:05 am

      Ah thanks Angela, I think we look young too xx

  2. caroline vere

    17th June 2017 at 8:35 pm

    ah, lovely to see these photos and remember the day and give thanks for all that’s happened since. we didn’t stay late, so missed Elvis, its great to get a taste of his performance now!
    Congratulations and happy anniversary,
    love Caroline xxxx

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