The ghost of technology past

This evening I was reading Ava “All For One” by Jill Murphy. It’s a pretty old book we got at the library. I had to explain to her what a video was: I just checked the publication date, thinking it would be from the 80s. Nope, it’s from 2002!  

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Ava, House to Home

Experiments with crayons

This morning I discovered that Ava had drawn on her sheet and bed with green crayon. “I wanted to see if it worked on the pink too. I tried to get it off with lick on my finger but it didn’t work. Sorry mum.” How she snuck a crayon into her room is a mystery, but these things  ...

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Beauty Boosts

Beauty on a Budget: 1

Why is it that all your beauty products run out at once? This week I have been spectacularly unlucky: over the past few days my day cream, primer and facial scrub have all run out, I’ve had to cut open my facial cleansing balm to get out the last few day’s worth,  my night cream is  ...

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