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ThrowbackThursday: Is a washing basket the best toy?

Don’t you just love that ‘On This Day’ feature that Facebook has started doing in the past few months? It’s so funny to look back to random status updates and try to remember what they were all about. Today’s was from 2009 and said I’d fulfilled a near-lifetime ambition. Very cryptic! It was short and sweet as I was in New York at the time, having just seen Kylie in a small venue. Best concert ever. I’ve been a fan since the Locomotion days and as  ...

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Things I Love

ThrowbackThursday: me in 2001

I’ve been looking through a few old wallets of photos (from the days when you actually had to print them to see how they turned out. I feel old.) and came across this. It was taken when I lived in North Carolina for a year as part of my university course. I had  such a brilliant time, and did quite a few road trips in this beauty. It  took me and my friend all the way from Chapel Hill up to Ontario and Montreal (in deep, deep snow), via Richmond, Washington DC, Boston, some random  ...

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