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My Favourite 5 for October: The Circus, London & Afternoon Tea

We have had a busy and fun-filled half term, and now the countdown to Christmas begins! A Reward For Ava and thea I spray painted some glasses and filled one of them with stones a while back, and when the girls help me, or get good feedback from school/preschool, or do anything else that warrants a little reward, I move stones from one to the other. When they fill the second jar up, they get a treat. I prefer this to a reward chart, as they work together to fill the jar. You can find out  ...

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How To Make A Little Mermaid Doll Ariel Birthday Cake

I recently wrote about Thea’s birthday party, and promised you a tutorial on her Ariel doll Little Mermaid cake. My mum used to make me a Flower Fairy cake every year, where the cake was made in a pudding bowl, turned upside down and made into the Flower Fairy’s skirt. I loved them so much, and knew Thea would too. Here she is in all her finished glory – I have to say I was very relieved she turned out as well as she did! It was actually fairly simple to put together, but  ...

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My Favourite Family

Five home truths from my charming daughters 

I think my girls are trying to tell me something… These conversations have all occurred recently, and are making me reassess some of my lifestyle choices. 1. Scandalised Ava shouts out, “Mum, your BOTTOM’s hanging out!” It’s my muffin top. 2. Two year old Thea innocently asks, “Mummy have you got a baby in your tummy?” I explain that I haven’t. Two days later she comes over, pats my tummy and says, “Can I feel the baby?” 3. Ava  ...

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Death By Chocolate: Decadent Gluten-free Chocolate Cake

It was my sister’s birthday at the weekend so I wanted to make her an awesome cake, but as she can’t have gluten, it needed to be gluten-free. I was perusing my favourite baking book, The Great British Book of Baking, by Linda Collister, when I spotted a recipe for Death by Chocolate, which I had somehow never noticed before. Not only is it gluten-free, it’s also a real celebration cake, as it’s incredibly rich. The 500g of chocolate alone cost £5, so it’s  ...

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