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Ava and Thea’s January: Ballet, Tea and Sylvanian Families

January is such a tiresome month, isn’t it? I’m always glad to see the back of it, so I can start looking forward to spring! We’ve had a busy month, as usual, but we’ve been concentrating on family time whilst the weather is so miserable. I’VE BECOME A BALLET MUM When I was about four, I started ballet. I remember it so clearly: good toes and naughty toes! Thea is always dancing about so I thought she would enjoy ballet too. Well, I couldn’t have asked  ...

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My Favourite Family, Things I Love

I really miss going to the cinema

Before we had the girls, I went to the cinema quite a lot. I love films, and did a minor in Film Studies at university. But now we have the kids, we very very rarely go, I can’t even remember the last time! It’s not so much that we can’t get a baby sitter, as our family and friends have offered, and I even have a pair of free tickets waiting to be used! It’s the fact that by the time we have got the girls to bed (and more importantly, asleep!) it’s past eight  ...

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