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My Craft Day at Kirsty Allsopp’s The Handmade Fair

I love craft. It’s in my blood: my mum always has at least five cross stitch pictures on the go at any one time, as well as patchwork, knitting or any number of other projects. My dad calls craft ‘tatting’ for some reason. He doesn’t get it, but I do. Handmade things are just so special, I think they have a bit of a magical quality to them. I have a cupboard full of my own crafts and crafting materials, which include paper cutting, lino printing, embroidery, cross  ...

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My six week summer holiday survival kit, for kids and me

I’m really excited about having over six weeks of Ava, full time, over the summer holidays, but I am also slightly worried about how I’ll keep her occupied! I took this picture of our family calendar for August last week. Very empty!  In lots of ways it’s quite liberating, as it’s full of possibilities. And I know it will soon fill up as my other mummy friends and I get lots of play dates and park visits in. I recently got in contact with a friend to arrange a meet  ...

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Baby scan art idea: cute or creepy? You decide!

I’ve had a little plan to use my baby scan pictures for a while now, and I finally got around to making it! I found the frame in Boots at half price (£13), and it’s the perfect size for scan pictures. Ava is on the left, Thea on the right.  I used my stamp set and grey ink pad to make the middle section – it took about five tries to get it level and centralised, but I think it looks nice. I made a border out of washi tape to help link the three sections together. When Ryan  ...

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