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How To Make An Easy Spring Wreath in Minutes

Do you like to decorate for spring and Easter, as well as for Christmas? I do! I’ve made a few Christmas wreaths before, but never a spring wreath before, so this is the year. This is the easiest spring wreath ever, and only took about five minutes. So read on to see how to make your own easy spring wreath in minutes, for less than £15. What You Need to Make an Easy Spring Wreath in Minutes All you need to make an easy spring wreath in minutes is a pre-formed wicker wreath, ribbon and  ...

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Ava, My Favourite Family, Thea

Ava and Thea’s April: Devon, Easter and Funny Makes

Well, April has just whizzed by hasn’t it! I think it’s because half of it was taken up by the Easter holidays. Easter Holidays I have to confess I really struggled with the girls for those two weeks of the Easter holidays! It felt like they were constantly squabbling and telling tales, and generally being naughty. One day I had to send Thea to her room as she was being so naughty, and Ava wrote this note to me, on Thea’s behalf.  I couldn’t help but laugh!

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