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A Weekend in Hove: Food and Eco-Friendly Shopping

As a parent, I find it really important to get away by myself every now and then. As much as I love my girls, I need time to recharge and reset. It’s also vital to spend quality time with friends – not just a snatched conversation at the school gates. It’s good for Ryan to spend time with the girls by himself too, and also, he owes me from when he went to a festival for a weekend! Last weekend I spent the weekend with two of my oldest and best friends in Hove where one of  ...

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Five things I love right now: September

1. Ziggurats Card by Clare Johnson. I was so excited to find this lovely card in a gift shop in Suffolk, as it features the University of East Anglia’s legendary Ziggurauts. I lived in these sixties buildings when I was a first year at UEA, and they hold some very happy memories. The Ziggurats are listed because of their architectural importance. But apparently there was a slight problem when they first opened them, as they had somehow forgotten to put toilets in! This may be an urban  ...

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