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15+ Easy Zero Waste Beauty Swaps

Are you looking to minimise waste in your beauty and personal care regime? I’ve come up with 15+ easy zero waste beauty swaps that make it easy to reduce our environmental impact. With concerns (or even panic) about the impending environmental crisis mounting, I believe it’s up to companies to overhaul their environmental policies. I think it’s also up to us as consumers, to do what we can, and buy from environmentally responsible businesses. Of course one person trying to  ...

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Beauty Boosts

Kind Natured Body Wash, Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I have been looking for natural, or at least less chemical-filled beauty products for years now, with very mixed results. Generally, they are several times more expensive than the high street equivalent (or ten times more, in some cases) and often just don’t work as well. When I spotted this Kind Natured Body Wash in Boots a while back, I thought it was worth a try, as it was not too expensive (£4.99, but it’s half price at the moment) and it smelled delightful. Kind Natured  ...

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