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How to Keep Hair Colour Vibrant For Longer (Without Loads of Chemicals)

I’ve dyed my hair for years now, as I have quite a few greys peeking through. Up until last year, I played it safe, keeping to roughly my natural dark brown shade. I’ve wanted pink hair for a few years, but always thought it would be a nightmare to keep vibrant. Last year I had some pink sections added, and this year, I have really gone for it with highlights that have been dyed pink. So is it possible to keep hair colour vibrant, without using a tonne of chemicals? Read on to  ...

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Lee Stafford Curl Your Heart Out Cone Curling Wand

My hair has always been more or less poker straight, but that’s never stopped me wanting curls! I have tried all sorts of gizmos in the past but it always turns out to be too much of a faff. (Remember those gas-cylinder powered tongs from the nineties? And the weird rubber bendy things you wound your hair round before bed? Just the tip of the iceberg!) I reviewed some great hair straighteners a few months back, which do curl as well as straighten. But I never really got the hang of  ...

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Ava, My Favourite Family, Thea

Ava and Thea’s February: Hairstyling, Half Term and A Joke

February has been a busy month for us, not least because we have started on our kitchen renovation! We’ve also had half term, which was fun but hard work (for me!) The girls have had fun spotting snowdrops and we are all getting excited about the evenings being slightly less dark. ALL ABOUT THE HAIR We have put some black protective flooring over our lounge floor whilst the kitchen is put in, and the girls loved rolling around on it. I discovered it makes a great backdrop for photos  ...

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Ava, My Favourite Family

Ava And The Scissors: A New Haircut & ‘Customised’ Uniform

I went to pick Ava up from school and her teacher met me and took me to one side. She gently broke the news that Ava had cut her own hair. Of course I had visions of her lopping off her plait and when she said they had saved the hair, I was imagining a carrier bag full. Fortunately, it was just in a small envelope: you can imagine my relief! So here she is, modelling her new fringe…I tried to be strict about it and let her know it wasn’t the right thing to do, but she kind of  ...

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