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My Favourite Family, Things I Love

What My Dad Passed On To Me

My dad is a lovely, funny man. Brilliant, but a quintessential absent minded professor. He’s worked incredibly hard to get to the top of his field (aircraft design) despite having to leave school at aged 14. His dad died, so my dad had to get a job. He’s worked his way up from an apprentice engineer, to a world-renowned professor. Not bad! He is incredibly generous, both with money and time, and he and mum have kindly put up with all of us moving back home for various stretches  ...

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Ava, My Favourite Family, Things I Love

Day 3 of Ava's self-chosen outfits

Today, we are having a pink day. Six different shades. She’s certainly living up to her name! Here is Ava in her newly named ‘Princess area’, on the phone to Grandma. When we went out, she added this coat, another hand-me-down that she loves. When she first spotted it, she asked me ‘What in Earth is this?!” with a look of complete joy on her face.  

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